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Archive for September 18th, 2003

Help me!

Thursday, September 18th, 2003

Help me, somebody. I hate ebay, hate auctions, they feel like gambling to me. So now there is something I want and I don’t know how to bid. I know some people really know how to do this, but I don’t.

The items started at $1 and I bid $1.25 on one of them, and was instantly outbid at $1.50 because someone had posted a maximum bid. I can just see that this is not going to end well.

I’m reeeeally not in a position to spend money on things I don’t need. I am not a gambler. But I would love to get one of the three turkish coin purses up for sale now (the end of the auction is tomorrow morning). They say they are knitted, but upon closer inspection, they are really Bosnian Single Crochet.

Funny, my understanding of the product has nothing at all to do with whether my cash wins the bid, at all. Boo Hoo. If this was college, I could compete with my brains and intellectual understanding. But this is the world of ebay and I’m out of my league.

My typical reaction would be to walk away and not even try. But I really would love having one of these. I don’t even know how much I’m willing to spend. I don’t know if the person already bidding on these is one of you guys out there, and I’m telling my secrets…

Should I give up now, before I’m disappointed too much? I understand that I really should wait and bid right when it’s almost time for the auction to close. I will no doubt be home at that time, since I’m still sick at home. I really don’t want an adrenaline rush, I don’t enjoy them at all. But if I want to go for this, I am going to have to let go and deal with it.

What to do? Save my pennies? Give it a try and then chance having buyer’s remorse? Find someone who knows what they are doing, to stand in for me with a good, logical brain? Or as Dipsy the Teletubby would say: “Run away, run away……”

Pictures, at Last

Thursday, September 18th, 2003

OK, a few quick pictures today. First, one of the wristwarmers (there are two but I had to take a picture of myself). Super-fuzzy Mohair (I think it’s a yarn by Heirloom of Australia but have lost the ball bands… got it on our guild’s January knitting retreat which should have been called yarn-buying-binge instead).

The wristwarmers will be very warm but they are scratchy, even to me. I’ll be washing these soon in conditioning shampoo and rinsing with hair conditioner. If I must, I’ll wear them over my fingerless gloves. Double-warmth is in order sometimes in Michigan!

Oh, please take time to notice the background. That is a wall quilt made for me by my sister in law, Judy. That’s Brian’s brother Mike’s wife. (Have I gone on and on yet about how I dislike the phrase sister-in-law because it isn’t specific enough???) Judy is a very talented quilter, and she also really caught right on to my colors, soon after meeting me. I LOVE this quilt, and it is so obviously about what I like, rather than what she prefers. What a wonderful gift it has been.

By the way, these wrist wamers are instant-gratification knitting. I made the arm part about an inch longer than called for, and the hand part another inch longer than in the Voodoo pattern. I think they would look cuter with less fabric covering the hand (which is how Bonnie Marie wrote it), but they would be less warm, and I am always freezing.

The other picture is my recent beret, almost complete. I show this view because folks find it hard to believe that I prefer double-pointed needles this much! I do everything I can to stay on DPNs as long as I can. For sweaters and stoles, there are just too many stitches and I’d lose too many stitches without a circular needle. But a hat, I can keep on going by adding needles as the size increases (these are 5″ Brittany Birch needles). Notice the beret I did from the “top down” this time. That was the first time I’d done a *knit* beret from the top (I did one crocheted one top-down once but that is normal for crocheting, even in the west).

The yarn is gorgeous. It changes subtly from a blue with a little raspberry, to a raspberry with a little blue, back again to the blue. The finished beret is very pretty, but it’s just a little small for me. I am struggling trying to figure out the perfect proportions for a beret and have only completed one hat that is truly wearable for me. This one will probably go to charity. I think I will make a little tassel with the last 4 yards of yarn I have left, and attach it to the center (notice there is no I-cord in the center of this one). When I get a tassel done, maybe I’ll have one of the kidz at Foster Center model it for me.

Right now I’m trying to finish a pair of sox I started during the holidays last year. It’s the “Cabled Sweat Socks” pattern from the Spin Off sock booklet. Brian bought me this yarn at Romni Wools in Toronto, January 2001 when we took a weekend trip. I tried so hard to tame the yarn into being stockinette, but it would not listen. The yarn screamed cables (I resisted almost a year before giving in) and I did finish the cuffs before the holidays were done. Thank goodness for car-knitting time while driving to this or that family gathering!

But THEN the pattern called for an Eye-of-Partridge stitch heel flap with a garter-stitch border. Ugh. Double-ugh. I *really* don’t like thinking that much when I knit! I stalled on the sox for nine months at that point! (Eye of Partridge is a lovely textured pattern created by slip stitches, alternating different stitches on different rows. Oh, and since it is worked flat on a heel flap, it requires purling whole rows every other row, something I try to avoid as well.)

I think Eye of Partridge is pretty, but it’s not pretty enough to be worth actually doing! And I’m not fond of the look of a garter stitch edge much, especially on what I consider to be otherwise a very elegant sock. But I was willing to consider that this was someone else’s vision and follow their instructions. The picture of the finished sock is just gorgeous, I must confess.

So last night was the Agony-of-Eye-of-Partridge night. I did two heel flaps, 30 stitches wide if I remember right, on size 1 needles, and each flap 2.25″ long. Brian had guests (the Scarlet Runner Band had rehearsal here) so I was relegated to the bedroom (where there is inadequate light for knitting) and sat there propped on the bed knitting EOP over and over. I’m happy to say I made it through the ordeal and turned both heels last night before turning in.

Now I only have to do cables on the instep, and then all stockinette (sigh) for the toe. I’m heading to heaven, folks. I love knitting around-and-around in stockinette. One stitch at a time, over and over, like a soothing clock ticking in the background. Love it.

Oh, by the way… the yarn for the hat here, I got at Yarn for Ewe. It’s one of their new fall yarns… it might be a nice substitute for Noro Kureyon in something, since the color bands appear to be about the same length. In my haste to pick up the messy living room for the guys last night, I lost that ball band as well, so I don’t have much information on it.