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Archive for September 23rd, 2003

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Old Business:
I should have mentioned that my friend Riin was a big inspiration to me this summer. I got that new/old bike and started riding it to work after I talked with her about her commute. It’s sort of funny how that goes, because Brian rides his bike on a different section of the Riverwalk to his work, and he has for several summers. It never occurred to me that I could, too (my commute is not as far as Brian’s, either), until I had a really nice conversation with Riin one time at Borders’ Common Threads gathering. Might as well give credit where credit is due.

Oh, and Brian says I should not have titled that entry a few days back “I’m a Loser.” I thought I was so clever! I was thinking of the Beatles’ song with the same title, and I did indeed lose the bid (not that I saw that as an overall indication of my character).

If you are not as old as I am, and the Beatles’ song didn’t come to mind, consider looking it up one of these days. I never was an obsessed Beatles’ fan, but they really did know how to craft some fine tunes and fine harmonies. On occasion, their music is the perfect thing to keep me company. I particularly love “Rubber Soul,” an album from 1965 which begins with “Baby, you can drive my car…” Whee, such great singing!

New business:
The good news is that I went to the doc again today and he says I am not contagious and I can work if I want. I was so ready to hear that. I was going crazy being alone so much. My legs are still wobbly, so I sat down for two hours at Foster Center… supervising kids in the computer lab (a few knit, but most played games). It was great to see “my kids” again.

Here are a few peeks at the Cabled Sweat Socks (from the Spin Off Socks booklet)which I am so happy to be done knitting! This yarn just will not photograph well for me. It is regular fingering-weight yarn, Fortissima Colori. (Brian bought this yarn for me at Romni Wools on West Queen Street in Toronto, January 2001.)

The yarn is two strands of a lovely medium greenish-turquoise/aqua, and two strands rainbow with hot pink, purple, yellow and orange. It makes a wonderful sort of tweedy-ragg sort of look but in Technicolor! I will love wearing them, but knitting those cables on size 1 with my tight knitting, was no fun at all. I love how cables look but that was miserable knitting for me.

The original sock pattern was designed on sportweight yarn and I went down a yarn size and a few needle sizes, to get a gauge that would fit my small feet better. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the heel flap short enough to be truly proportioned properly to the rest of the sock. You can see that there is a lot more fabric at the heel/gusset than is needed, but I think I won’t feel the extra fabric in my shoes. Thank goodness that cables are super stretchy and they will fit great in the ankle. I’m eager to wear these!

Today I finished the toe on one of Brian’s Regia ringel socks. I have one more toe to finish which I’ll do tonight. I’ve worked on these off and on for a couple months, my “grab fast on the way out the door” knitting. He’ll wear these a lot, I’m sure. Probably we’ll have pictures in the next few days of that pair.

Off to make some kind of fast dinner. My mom made me some Irish Soda Bread again so I have been binging on toast for a few days. Yum. So tonight, I need to eat some real food with some reasonable amount of protein in it, to make up for all the toast I’ve had! I’m not apologizing at all…

And Brian brought home some strawberries and Michigan peaches Sunday which we have been really enjoying. I got some pseudo-ice-cream (I can’t eat dairy) of a brand we really like, today at the health food store. So tonight after the healthy meal, I’m going to have strawberry shortcake… a toaster waffle with “ice cream” and strawberries. Luxury! If happiness creates healing (I’m just sure it does), I’ll be totally well by bedtime.

I was so happy to be out in the world today. The people we love, really, are the essence of a good life. Or that is how I see it, anyway.