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Archive for October 2nd, 2003

Scarlet Zebra in Flint

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

Wrapping up Sheep & Wool Sale
I met Deb/Scarlet Zebra (and her hubby, Jack) tonight at Borders in Flint. We talked a good long time, they close at 11pm and I was there at closing although Deb and Jack left a little before I did.

I got my leftover yarns and fibers back from her from the weekend wool sale. I sold a lot more than I expected, since I did not really have a lot of stock to start with. I took her two and a half boxes full, and got one box back. Both yarns and rovings sold, but yarns were a bit more popular (perhaps because there was a sample pair of sox so that people could imagine some for themselves). I’m pleased with that result.

I’m cranking out more dyed wool and yarn in my studio this week and will be putting together a sale page for it (and the remaining Seaside yarn) soon. Stay tuned.

Knitting Progress
Today I finished a pair of wristwarmers which I like a lot. I also undid the unsatisfactory bind off on the machine-knit beret, replacing it with a grafted seam 30 stitches wide. Not great fun, but I did it in bits and pieces during knitting time at Foster Center. I’m hoping to do the fulling/felting/shrinking experiment soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. I hope it works out OK. I’m tired of my hat experiments not working out just so.

The wristwarmers are made of Berrocco Hip Hop that I got at Yarn for Ewe. These are a major hit. They are lumpy bumpy and make my hands look big, but the colors are so beautiful it doesn’t matter. The kids at Foster took turns trying them on, they were so irresistable.

Now I’m making a similar set of wristwamers out of red worsted-weight acrylic so that the kids at Foster can imagine perhaps knitting a pair for themselves. Each one is basically a rectangle of garter stitch, stitched together in a simple way. I think these may work out well for the kids who knit at home and need a project more engaging than a wrist band.

Off to sleep, see you soon.