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Archive for October 9th, 2003

A Day at Foster Center

Thursday, October 9th, 2003

I spent most of my day at Foster Center today. My computer classes are going great, after three long terms of slowing down almost to a standstill. I love teaching, I’m very good at it, and it was sad to not teach much this last year. I’m thrilled to be back at what I do well, for people who really appreciate it.

Mostly I have retired smart women, who haven’t ever been trained to use a computer… how to turn it on and off, how to click a mouse, how to save a document. They are usually quick studies and soooo appreciative! My students often bring me gifts in appreciation. it’s lovely to do what I do. I also offer advanced topics, but the ones which fill up time after time are the “I don’t want to be scared of computers” classes. And anyone signing up for a class like that, is going to be a very interesting person. I love my students!

After computer class was knitting/computer lab. This brought me about 8 kids, mostly knitters. Yesterday I had ten. It’s great. One girl just started last week and fell in love with knitting right away. She took home her wristband to finish and today came in with really too much knitting for it to fit well, but I could tell she just had not wanted to stop!

I asked her what she wanted to make next. We went through the usual suspects, which are beanie blankets, small purses, more wristbands. Thought of a scarf but that sounded like a lot of knitting to her. Finally we got out the Melanie Falick Kids Knitting book and she just had to make a backpack.

I had a whole bin of Lopi-type yarn that is bulky and perfect for backpacks. She chose four colors and dove right in. I taught her to cast on and that went well. She had already knit about two of the four and a half inches she needs to complete before she sees me again. Her mom said they would come in on Saturday when I have computer lab, so she can keep on going. With a kid that enthusiastic, and a mom that encouraging, this child will make a backpack easily, second project or no!

Another girl, the one who has already made several backpacks, is working on a mohair hat. She had to learn how to purl which she did easily. She had to learn to use stitch markers to remind her when to increase. She had to learn to use double pointed needles (we are working top down so she doesn’t need to do a gauge swatch before starting the project). She is doing wonderfully. And the mohair, donated by one of you out there (bless you), is a gorgeous pastel rainbow of fluff. She is loving every minute of it, even though she has to really watch her stitches more than she ever has before.

Oh, and it was so cute. The three-backpack/hat girl is the oldest of at least four girls in a family. The dad drives them in from a nearby town to knit with me. Well, the four year old has been finger crocheting with us for the last few weeks. And now the one younger than her wanted to come and sit with us. She just sort of doodled with some yarn while the 4 yr old made her a finger-crocheted bracelet to tie around her wrist. It was just adorable. Dad was in the room the whole time, so I didn’t have to really watch the little ones, but they were very well behaved and loved being there.

I love days like this.

Tomorrow I paint the window trim on my house. I painted the primer last year around this time of year and then it got too cold. (Brian took this picture of me behind our house yesterday morning. Notice the side windows are still white, though the door and back window are colorful. Someday I’ll paint the back steps purple, too… but that will be a big job and I am not looking forward to it.)

This year I was going to start earlier and then I was sick. The weather is good this week and is not supposed to last. So tomorrow is big push day! I need to go to sleep. Daytime will be precious to me tomorrow.