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Archive for October 10th, 2003

Painting the House

Friday, October 10th, 2003

Today I readied myself to paint trim on the house windows, and realized that there was some boring white primer I had to do first. Not only that, but the primer is oil based which is a sticky nasty mess, and it required climbing up to our second story on a ladder.

I had not been able to reach part of the porch overhang with the equipment we had last year. We had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what we could do to make it so I could reach. Then when we were at one of those mega-house-fixing stores, we found a “ladder stabilizer” which basically is a sort of U-shaped thing you clamp to the ladder and it holds you out about a foot from the house, as well as making it harder for the ladder to fall down. It was not all that expensive, but it did the trick. Until then I thought our choices would be to a) hire someone, b) rent a scaffold, c) rent a “cherry picker” automated lift. None of those choices sounded simple or affordable. This solution was just the ticket.

The good news is that I finished the white primer and then I got to paint two windows on the side of the house. I had thought I would paint them salmon pink and then do a little purple trim. I realized that the front porch had a salmon horizontal line because I painted the ledge at the top of the porch wall that color. So what I ended up doing was painting the windows purple (which echoes the rectangular purple doors) and then I painted the bottom ledge under the windows with the salmon paint. Now there are unifying horizontal salmon shapes and unifying rectangles in purple. I may need to do a little more salmon to balance the percentages but I will decide that when this phase is done.

It looks pretty good so far, although the house has ten windows… one I painted last year, two I painted today, and eight more need paint before winter. I am booked solid tomorrow so I guess Sunday will be the day. My plans for Sunday have changed anyway so that will work out OK.

My arm is now tired from being over my head so much today. My hair is full of sticky drips of primer and paint. I need to get cleaned up, and then tonight I get to play! I will either spin some yarn on my lovely Louet wheel or I will perhaps start a project on one of my knitting machines.

Oh, and my beloved Brian took me out to dinner tonight after all that work. I tell you, I married the right guy. No cooking for me after all that painting today!

Tomorrow Tony and I go to Spinners Flock, and then I have a lab at Foster Center. I get out of Foster at 4 and then we perform at Altus at 6:30. Whew! It will be busy but fun.

And that warehouse sale I mentioned somewhere last week… I thought it was last week but it’s Saturday (tomorrow) and Monday this week, I think 9:30am to 2pm according to my notes. It’s at Davidson’s, the warehouse next door to Old Mill Yarns in Eaton Rapids. Huge bins of coned yarns sold by the pound. I went last year and there was little to make a wool fanatic who mostly knits socks, happy. As I recall it was mostly cottons and tiny, tiny, weaving yarns. If Tony wants to go tomorrow, I’ll check to see if there are any yarns for dyeing or machine knitting. And if I’m lucky I’ll find a display unit or two, as I did last year. Since I am planning to do more shows, that may be a worthy purchase.

The phone for Old Mill Yarns is 517/663-2711, I don’t have an address but it is just south of downtown Eaton Rapids on 99, turn left at the Little Caesar’s pizza as you leave downtown (just past Burger King on left) and the store is at the end of the first block on the left side, an old red brick warehouse. Warehouse on left, store on right.

Off to play with yarn.