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Archive for October 11th, 2003

Whee! Fun, Busy Day

Saturday, October 11th, 2003

What a day I had! Tony and I went to the Spinners Flock guild meeting (we decided to skip the warehouse sale so we could have more time at the guild, and he didn’t want anything from the sale… I’ll consider going on Monday). That was great fun. He tried out a different sort of wheel that someone brought. He enjoyed that.

I ran into Carla at the guild. She brought her kids and they were great. It was good to talk to her if only briefly. I had not seen her since the day we took crochet class together, maybe two months ago.

At the guild, we have vendors who sell fiber and related goods such as books. I try to get my books and magazines there if at all possible, to support these lovely folks. I got an INKnitters magazine and the Maggie Righetti book “Crocheting in Plain English.” I love her books, they are so no-nonsense and understandable. I am actually reading “Knitting in Plain English” from cover to cover, I’m a little over half way. She’s wonderful. I figured if I were to get only one book on crochet, this should be it.

We found traffic backups in three places on the way back to Lansing so it took almost 2 hours instead of an hour to get home. Brian reminds me that in many places, this is commonplace. I am not used to so much as a slowdown except going out of downtown Lansing around 5pm. Even so, we don’t have a “rush hour” we have “rush minutes” in this city, and I know I’m spoiled. It stressed me out to be late, that is just so rare that I didn’t expect it at all.

I got to Foster at 3pm and I had kids waiting for me. One girl came and waited an hour to knit, and had just left just before I got there. That saddened me, but I know she did get the news that I was stuck in traffic so at least she knew what happened.

However, once I got there, it was so much fun that I totally lost track of time. My computer lab is open from 2-4pm on a regular Saturday. I figured I just would work one hour today and close at 4 as usual. Then I had three kids finger crocheting, one kid knitting and two kids playing computers. I knit a little on a wristwarmer I’m making to inspire the kids to make their own, then I did a little single crochet on the scarf I started at Borders last Tuesday. By the time I looked at the clock, it was 4:45! We all were having such fun, the time just flew by. How lovely.

I ran home to change clothes and prepare for our Abbott Brothers’ performance at Altus. Then Brian got home and we loaded his car and headed to the concert. It was fun. My mom and Fred came, and then Brian’s parents walked in not long after. We had other friends who came and that made it a very friendly crowd. The place was pretty busy and the audience was wonderful. And after the performance we got to eat a wonderful vegetarian combo plate as a group. Yum!

Oh, we asked Brian’s dad to sit in with us on one number (see picture, left to right: Brian, Me, Dad, Bob). He sang “Just Because” and he played the Heftone Bass I usually play. He invented and built the instrument, and he’s rightfully proud about it. Since I didn’t have an instrument, I sang harmony with him. It was good fun!