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Archive for October 12th, 2003

Purple Windows

Sunday, October 12th, 2003

Today I spent the whole day outside painting the trim on our windows. I surprised myself a few days ago by choosing purple as the main color, I thought I had decided that purple was the accent color (next to a sort of salmon pink). The purple looks good.

I finished all the windows on the main floor except a grouping of three windows which are on the porch (I counted those three as one window when I counted yesterday). I found an extra window I’d forgotten, on the back of our entryway/mud room on the back of the house. That window was sadly in need of scraping and priming, so I did that.

Brian also carried and positioned the two-story ladder with stabilizer, up to the second story window (which lets sunshine into my printmaking/mailart/polymer clay studio). That window was peeling badly at the base, so I climbed up there and scraped and primed the whole thing (see picture). When I was done with the priming and the purple paint, I used the salmon paint to trim the bottom ledge board of all the purple windows. I think it looks good.

I’m feeling really good about how much I got done. I had been scheduled to go to Detroit to a few art galleries today, but the trip has been postponed until spring. It would have been a glorious day for driving, for sure. Yesterday Tony and I really enjoyed the tree colors on the highway, gold and orange blaze all the way to Chelsea and back. Last year we didn’t get much fall color but this year is making up for it. But as it was, I enjoyed the blaze of my own maple trees in my own front yard, and I put more color into my environment that will last long after the leaves are gone.

I realize I still have a little bit of primer left to do. The back window of the entryway has glossy black trim on the window, to make it look less old fashioned (from when small windows became uncool and large plate glass windows became trendy). I need to do just that small bit of black trim, and I also have a spot on the garage which needs priming and repainting.

I spent so much time (two years in all) totally scraping and priming and re-scraping and priming and painting that garage… I just find it hard to believe that it could ever peel again. I can not believe anyone could have done a better job than I did. I guess that goes to show how much nature is in charge, how little we have control when it comes right down to it.

So I need to do yet more painting if I can eke out any time before the cold comes. It was 77F yesterday when I was painting. Today it only got up to 67 but by the time I got inside it was down to 59 or thereabouts. Downright chilly! I use very good paint which can be applied down to about 50 degrees. I have pushed very close to that temperature limit more years than I care to admit. One year I painted my back door and then dried it with a hair dryer when the temperature cooled down before it had formed a film!

I’m hoping this time I can get the job done before I’m crossing fingers for a warmer than average November day! It would be great to just get this done quickly for once.

At this point if I ever wanted to be anonymous and invisible, it’s too late. I’m finding out I stand out no matter where I go, but until recently my homes have escaped that uniqueness, at least on the outside. In this neighborhood where there are 5 houses in a row painted white, on both sides of the street, the small bit of purple is a dead giveaway that an artist lives here. As Brian says, it looks like “Lynn Lives Here.” Could be worse.