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Archive for October 18th, 2003

Midwest Ukefest

Saturday, October 18th, 2003

UkeFestWe (Brian and I, also known as The Fabulous Heftones) are seriously considering going to the Midwest Ukefest (Ukulele music and related fun) in Indianapolis (at least for one day). It’s the weekend of Halloween, from Friday, October 31 to Sunday, November 2.

Is anyone out there reading this, within meeting distance of the Indiana State Museum? It would be cool to meet someone while we’re out on the road. We probably wouldn’t have lots of time to chat, but the event should be its own reward.

Ukefest will feature a large variety of acts, from the elegant and jazzy Jim Beloff to variety and novelty acts, to traditional Hawaiian music, and Deb Porter playing the songs of the Carter Family. There will be no way to be bored.

I wish we could go for the whole weekend, but I schedule my classes at Foster Center months in advance (I’m already committed through the end of March) and we didn’t find out about Ukefest until I was booked.

The Fabulous HeftonesHowever, the class that I have scheduled that weekend doesn’t have enough people signed up (yet, anyway) to “go,” so we have a slight chance we will have a few days that weekend free.

I’d just as soon make a living, of course… a self-employed person such as myself embraces work heartily. However, if a class cancels, what a great consolation prize it will be! We can go play music for a while with others who understand that we play what we play because it suits us perfectly, and we are serious about it. Not serious as in grim, but serious as in focusing on this artform and giving it our best efforts.

Somehow when we show up at gigs with a ukulele and a Heftone, people are not sure if we are some comedy act until we actually start playing and singing. (OK, maybe I’d be confused, too, because the visuals are somewhat goofy. That’s why we usually dress in formalwear, to make a point.) Once the music starts, our focus is clear. We smile and have fun, but we are no joke.

I am sure we can go for one day, anyway. It will be a lot of driving but we enjoy traveling together. And Brian is so sweet, he often drives a lot of the way so I can knit in transit. (I have the right man in my life… have I said that in the last few days???)

Indianapolis bloggers/blog readers, are you out there?