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Archive for October 19th, 2003

A Good Saturday

Sunday, October 19th, 2003

It was a good Saturday. Saturday is usually a workday for me, during the school year, but it’s usually enjoyable. I don’t like getting up earlier than usual, and I do on Saturdays, but the sun shone today and my classroom has wonderful windows. I even opened the windows in the afternoon, when it had warmed up a bit.

I had a computer class for two people (what a change after having 9 people on Thursday) and we had a blast! I ran over to a client on my lunch hour (she lives about 5 blocks from the center) to take a part out of her computer so I could know what to buy to replace it. Then I ran back to Foster for my two-hour computer lab/sometimes-knitting-lab.

I was alone for perhaps 45 minutes in the lab (it was so pretty outside many of our kids were playing outside… in fact the kids across the street were amusing themselves stuffing their hats and coats full of fall leaves and calling themselves scarecrows). Then the kid who comes to see me most often came in, a boy from the neighborhood who is a delight. He likes computers a bit better than knitting but he does both.

Then my dear knitting friend, Tony, came by. I had invited him to stop in but had not expected him to come. He had recited a to-do list that was quite long for the weekend and we are planning to play with the knitting machine tomorrow afternoon already. But there he was, with a couple of books in hand (he always has a new book, it seems) and some ideas for knitting this or that project.

He has a fairisle sweater partly knit that he has decided to turn into a pillow (I think that is a great idea) and we talked about how he might steek the sweater into two pieces so that he could use a plain back and get two pillows. Maybe even machine knit the backs. Perhaps throw the knitting in the washing machine and full/shrink it. I think this is a great idea. Tony loves starting things and doesn’t stay interested long enough to finish sweaters, for the most part. Might as well use what you have completed in a way that shows it off well!

He also brought the Weekend Knitting book by Melanie Falick (isn’t she good at books?) which has wonderful projects in it. There is a baby sweater in there, knit in DK weight hemp yarn, that is garter stitch from side to side for the sweater body, but the sleeves are knit with the garter stitches going from shoulder to cuff. This seems to me less likely to stretch all out of shape than a cuff-to-cuff garter sideways-knit sweater. It looks great. We talked about how to perhaps take that idea and make an adult sweater (for Tony). It was fun thinking of possibilities.

I was so glad Tony came by when my neighborhood boy was in the room. I really love this child, he’s a thoughtful and kind boy who is about age 11. He’s very smart and figures out the computer games really quickly, and is always willing to help other kids who need assistance with games he has already mastered.

Well, I know that the knitting boys (including this child) tend to only want to knit if there is another boy knitting in the room. I have told them about Tony but only two of the girls have met him so far. I was thrilled that Tony and I sat down and dove into knitting projects for over an hour, while this boy listened and observed. He got to see first hand that yes, men do knit, and enthusiastically at that.

I was delighted when the boy sat down with us and started to cast on for a new project. Tony asked him what he was making and he thought it would probably be a scarf (white acrylic). But he may never finish the project… he just felt comfortable enough that he could knit with Tony the Dude Knitter in the room. And that made me feel very good. I cherish my boy knitters, and this one is particularly special.

Oh, after the lab I went back to the client’s house and finished fixing her computer problems (she had the blaster worm, and while I was there fixing that I noticed that her cooling fan was on its last legs so we replaced that, too). She was so very grateful.

I just love working for people who value what I know. Among the geeks I hang out with, I’m sort of normal, not a hot-shot but I know plenty enough to be a good team member. However, what I have over other geeks is that I am really good at translating computerese (I call it “Martian”) into English for scared retired women. And they love me for it. This woman was delighted to write me a check for doing my job (rounded it up, how sweet was that) and I was delighted to work for her. If only all work was that pleasant.

I took this photo in the Groesbeck neighborhood, just North of Foster center’s Eastside neighborhood. This is a street very near where my client lives. We are so lucky, we have had an extra week of color and sunshine than was expected. I, for one, am drinking up every single color.