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Archive for October 26th, 2003

Gray Day

Sunday, October 26th, 2003

Well, it was nice to have an extra hour to sleep in this morning, with the time change. I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed a few hours of sunshine when I did get up. But then the dreaded gray came in and gave me the blues.

Funny, when it’s gray I turn blue, but when the sun goes down I actually feel a little better. Maybe that is because I then turn on all the lights in the house. It seems an indoor light doesn’t make much difference until the sun goes down.

I need color, it’s fuel for me. At this time of year I have to make peace with knowing that it won’t be colorful for a good long time. The trees start turning green in late April if I recall properly. We do have some warm days in March to break the cold spells, but the color takes longer to come back.

Maybe it is not too late to go to the garden store and buy some bulbs that say “Very Early Spring Blooming” on the package. I never bother with any other kinds of bulbs. Only those which can take the winter away, as soon as possible, are worth the effort to me. I don’t like dirt on my hands but I’ll do it for the promise of a colorful spring.

I did spend some time at Yarn for Ewe today with some other machine knitters. I started a child’s sweater in turquoise and spring green, and the colors reminded me of spring. I enjoyed using those colors. Maybe I’ll get stuck on that colorway for a while again (I dyed a bunch of yarns those colors sometime last year, see picture).

Tonight for dinner we had roll-ups with asparagus among other things. I guess that was also my reach for spring somehow. For dessert, though, it’s sundaes with pumpkin sauce I made myself. I do love pumpkin. Pumpkin makes the fall season happier for me.

I also love wool and mohair and alpaca… thank goodness. The fibers can give me joy through the difficult gray season. I don’t like being cold, but I think it is the lack of color that bothers me most of all. No wonder I have been painting my house with more and more purple trim every year! And often in late December I end up painting something indoors with fun colors, as well!

Off to knit something, and do a little more preparation for my almost-ready handpainted fiber/artyarn sales web page. It will be ready soon, so watch for an announcement here in the next week. I will notify my blog friends and send out an email to those who have asked for a note when I have yarns, before I tell the general public. I tend to do small batches, so it’s only fair to give first dibs to those who are most loyal or have expressed advance interest.

May you have a cozy and wonderful day with an extra hour in it!