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Archive for November 5th, 2003

My Beee-utiful Koigu!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

KoiguHere is a picture of the yarn I got yesterday, thanks to my brother and his lovely, creative wife. It’s Koigu Painters Palette Premium Merino (PPPM) in colorway P140, dye lot 17. I got it from Knit A Round on Plymouth Rd. in Ann Arbor. Last I asked, they did not have a website.

You know, every day I get more frustrated with the limitations of color on the computer screen. Turquoise is nearly impossible, thought purples and fuschia/hot pink are better. Unfortunately, turquoise is my favorite color. The only disappointments I’ve ever had buying online have been attempts to purchase turquoise yarns. Sigh…

That said, this is mostly a spring green with colors ranging from hot yellow-green to aqua/turquoise. Then there are accents of a sort of pumpkin. I have admired this colorway for a long time but kept thinking it wasn’t really my colors (for years my dislike of orange was deep, though it’s fading now). However, my fondness for this colorway has not faded over time. With my gift certificate from Eric and Diana, I was able to indulge.

I really love Koigu socks. Lately I have been knitting more sox for others than for myself. I know that has been my choice, and I adore making Brian and Mom (and Diana) sox they appreciate. But I’ve worn through some of the sox I have knit for myself, and I don’t do handwashing as often as I could. That means I wear commercial sox far too often. I started a solid fuschia pair yesterday and perhaps I will do this Koigu after that? I do have two more promised pair for others, and a pair almost done for Diana, but I try to alternate a little for me and a little for other folks.

Of course, I’ve been spending more time dyeing lately which takes away from spinning, machine knitting and handknitting at home. Life is full of choices and I’m OK with the ones I’m making.

But isn’t this yarn just gorgeous? It makes me happy just looking at it and touching it. I think I’ll keep it on my desk for a good long while as a stress reliever, even if I can’t get right to the knitting of it.