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Archive for November 13th, 2003

This ‘n That

Thursday, November 13th, 2003

Well, today I ran over to Woven Art in East Lansing, to catch Sarah Peasley. I got to see Nancy McRay (owner of Woven Art) who I’ve not seen in a long time, and Sarah who I had not seen since the last knitting guild nearly a month ago. Sarah is going to Threadbear fiberarts this weekend (to teach, I think) and she is going to take something to Matt and Rob for me. She’ll bring me back something as well, I hope.

When I was there I got the new Interweave Knits Magazine. It was the first time I’d had a chance to buy it. I love that magazine, it’s a class act even when I don’t want to knit any sweaters at all. Sometimes I want to *wear* the sweaters in the magazine, but I almost never want to knit them. This time there is a garter stitch striped sweater that I think a couple of my CityKidz could knit successfully. I’m delighted about that!

I particularly like the articles Interweave puts toward the back of the magazine, where staff members do their own take on a basic pattern. I’m delighted with the articles about gloves this month. I have been knitting gloves and wristwarmers off and on since January, and more options will be good to play with as I continue.

In addition, one of my CityKidz decided to start mittens today so I will have to figure out how best to get her going on the thumb when it comes time for that. She had never purled before and had never done ribbing but was doing a very fine job. I had her do K3P1 so that she could see more clearly what she was doing (and I love that rib anyway). She had also never used double pointed needles except for I-cord (this is my girl who made the backpack last week) so she got to learn three new things today (purling, ribbing, and circular knitting with double points).

She realized that she would have to do the ribbing slowly at first but was doing a great job when she had to leave. When I see her next week she will be ready to start the thumb. I think I’ll have her do an afterthought thumb (like Norwegian star mittens) so we won’t have to count stitches and increase at different intervals each row. That may be enough to not be enjoyable for her. When she wants to do a hat, we can deal with that, I figure. I sometimes forget how new she is at knitting, not even two months yet.

After knitting, I taught a very successful computer class at Foster Center. I had 8 people sign up and 7 showed up (I will have to call the other woman, as she has been a regular this term). We covered so much material we almost are where I like to be after the second session (this is a four session class). It is a basic spreadsheet/database class, using Excel. We had a great time. I really love teaching… I’m so glad that my classes are filling up so well again. After almost a year of seriously declining enrollment, this term my classes are going very well again. That makes for a very happy Lynn!

I’m still fighting a headache, but it’s better today than yesterday. It snowed a little today and that helped with the mildew overload. It was good to be distracted most of the day. These headaches usually last two or three days maximum, so I’m hoping it will be gone tomorrow.

At least it was sunny much of the day. We had incredible gusting winds, but it was very pretty with the sunshine. I guess counting the little blessings is the key to happiness, and sunshine is a big blessing some days.

New yarns coming soon. Off to the studio.