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Archive for November 15th, 2003

Singing to the Baby

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

Well, today I taught a computer class at Foster Center in the morning. Then this afternoon I had open computer lab but I had as many knitters as I did computer folks. I had a new knitter today, and it turns out she goes to Sharon P’s school (Sharon is teaching some of her kids to knit, she’s a counselor at a local elementary school). This child had never knit before but did a pretty decent job of it. She was hoping to learn to knit from Sharon this week, so maybe I made Sharon’s job a little easier for her.

After Foster Center I went to Altu’s restaurant just to touch base with Altu. We seem to both be so busy running our respective businesses that we never seem to get our own quality time. We had hoped to take an overnight trip somewhere reasonably close (Chicago, Toronto and Mackinac Island were discussed as possible destinations) this summer. It is no longer summer and I have no weekends available until January now. Relationships are so important, it’s a shame when the maintenance of regular life tasks keeps us from connecting with those we really enjoy. I hope we will at least get a breakfast out one of these days, and we can try again in the new year to do a weekend.

I ran home in time to check my email and then Brian arrived. We went back out to Altu’s to listen to Clavel perform. They do the music of the Spanish-speaking Americas, particularly Mexico and the Andes mountains of Peru, Ecuador, and neighboring areas. Wonderful stuff. This group has only three members, but it seems every single song requires a different set of three or four instruments to accompany it. The youngest member of the band is eleven years old, I believe. She plays percussion, mostly drums but sometimes maracas. Her young face does attract attention, but she is a very good musician and an asset to the group.

There was a couple there who had a very young baby. They had just arrived in town from New York state, as he was going to have a job interview on Monday. The child was really enjoying the music, it was very clear. So the band came right over and serenaded the baby with a lovely waltz in Spanish. Mommy held baby and they sort of danced to the waltz. It was a beautiful scene. I hope the picture does it justice.

We enjoyed talking with this couple. It made me pleased that they had found what I consider the best thing going on a Saturday night in Lansing, as their first impression of our town. They did say that they had tried Ethiopian food in several cities across the country (including San Francisco) but Altus was really the best. I feel the same way, I’ve had Ethiopian food from four other places but Altu has a sense of flavor that not everyone can attain.

Speaking of flavor, I mentioned here earlier that I had harvested my sage herb plant before the frost this week. I gave some to Tony, some to Garnett who is my Habibi Dancers’ director and co-worker at Foster Center, and today a small handful to Altu. Actually, on Thursday I gave one leaf to each knitting kid, as they were fascinated that a leaf might be food/flavor. They kept smelling their leaves, it was cute.

The rest of the sage is drying in my kitchen. I looked for fried sage leaf recipes but they all seem to be deep fried with a batter, often a batter I can not eat, and I’m not good at frying foods. So I will have to figure out a different way to enjoy this sage. Usually I use it up by putting it in soups I make throughout the winter. That is an excellent way to use it, and it reminds me of summer every time I do.