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Archive for November 17th, 2003

Alison’s Fast Florida Footies

Monday, November 17th, 2003

Alison J./Brainylady sent me a picture today of some Fast Florida Footies she made with Regia Crazy 6 ply (sportweight) yarn. Because the yarn is not as stretchy as Fixation, she cast on 54 stitches instead of the 44 I specify in my pattern. She also grafted her toes closed instead of the finish I specify in my pattern.

She said she made them to cheer up a friend, and I’d say these will probably accomplish that goal! Thank you for sharing your picture with me, Alison. You did a great job.

Oh, and thanks to Charlotte for sending a fried sage recipe I could adapt to my needs. I fried sage leaves in olive oil (the recipe called for butter) and then because I needed some protein and can’t eat the parmesan it called for, I added some soy sausage (it’s good for spicing things up but is not like other sausages), and then tossed the whole thing with some good pasta. It really did hit the spot on a day when I was gone from home about 12 hours. And it was twice as good because it was partly from our little (1 foot by 2.5 feet), meager garden.

I miss my friend Tony. He keeps calling here when I’m gone, and we have very different schedules so it’s hard for me to return his calls (he wakes up early, I get home after he typically goes to bed). When I have new knitting news I want to tell Tony first, and I’m full of little ideas these days… plus I want to show him my new batch of yarns.

Sunday I finished the pieces of my toddler sweater on the knitting machine. I finally figured out it will fit a dance friend’s little girl if just a bit too large, and the colors are perfect for her. It’s a lightish blue-turquoise with a springlike hot green (Plymouth Encore yarn). I used stripes in the body and one sleeve is turquoise, one green. It will be adorable when I get around to putting it together. There are tons of ends to work in with all the stripes, too.

I’m so busy I get home in time to sleep and then get up and go again. It’s a good busy, but I really am looking forward to a day or two where I can sleep a bit more. Of course, I could go to bed earlier when I have to get up earlier but i find it very hard to sleep when I try that. Plus, I must admit, I have a hard time letting go of my after-midnight hours. I love the middle of the night. It’s quiet, and the lamp light is emotionally much better for me than mid-day where the sun is so hidden behind clouds that we need to turn on the lights inside, as I did today.

On the plus side, I love working… and I am working a lot more. I’m happy about that.