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Archive for November 20th, 2003

Toaster Museum

Thursday, November 20th, 2003

Sunbeam Model T-20 ToasterWell, today was lovely. I slept in just a little, and then did some housecleaning until the reporter came to interview me. She said she would need one hour but she stayed nearly two, and we laughed a lot. I hope the piece she writes up reflects the fun we had, at least a little bit.

The reporter was fascinated with all the STUFF we have in this house. I’m not a very good housekeeper or paperwork person, but I have been fairly good at collecting fun things, particularly in past years. So our shiny-chrome kitchen museum and my teapot collection were a point of discussion, in addition to my sock collection (that sounds quite odd, doesn’t it?) and a handful of other interesting items Brian and I have picked up in our years on this earth.

I love it that you can not tell who collected what. When I met Brian, I found that he had collected one of the exact 1960’s chrome kitchen items I had collected. I was so thrilled to find someone who understood my sense of style! Now we have combined our chrome toasters/iron/egg cooker/juicer and you can’t really tell whose is whose, which delights me. Even our furniture is mostly chrome. He had a chrome kitchen set and I had chrome living room furniture. How cool is that?

The picture is a Sunbeam T-20 toaster, which is very like my Sunbeam Vista, the one toaster of five in our house that actually functions as a toaster (well, I have one single-slice toaster that also works). If you click the picture here you will be taken to the Cyber Toaster Museum. Really. They are also in the process of fundraising to make a physical Toaster Museum. I would love to go!

The long, pleasant interview made the rest of the day hectic, as I ran to Foster to teach knitting to the kidz again (I had four today, and it was relaxed and comfortable). Then I had to run to JoAnn to get my schedule followed by running back to Foster Center to teach a class on Spreadsheets and Databases. Very fun class! The people are just wonderful, and we are having a good time.

My Beloved Sara
Oh… the coolest thing happened today. My Goddaughter, Sara, called me out of the blue and said she wants to go back and visit our friend Elizabeth (in Vermont) again before she starts college in the fall. That is very OK by me! I’ve been to Elizabeth’s house three times, once with Sara (in 2001, see Marvelous Montreal travelogue if you are interested). Sara will be 18 on Saturday.

I am just delighted beyond what I can express, that an 18 year old (a very special one) would ask to spend about a week with me this summer traveling. I adore that young lady, we really connect in many ways, and a road trip with her makes me very happy. I must have done something right, for her to still find me a decent travel partner.

She doesn’t travel well in a car, so we will have to plan the trip better this time. (Last time we stopped in Niagara Falls which is 6 hours from here, but then we had a very long drive, I think 10 hours, to Elizabeth’s.) Last time I planned the trip (she was only 15) but this time I am going to ask her to help me figure out what our agenda might be. Sigh… I’m very happy about this. She has always called me “My Lynnie.” She even corrected her brother (Michael, my Godson) once when they were little, when he called me HIS Lynnie. Of all the nerve! Too cute. She shares me better these days.

Plans for Tomorrow
Tomorrow we will be doing the preparation for my sort-of-birthday party we will be holding on Saturday (birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, the 28th, and having a party that day would mean many people couldn’t make it). There is a lot to do, and I’m glad I mostly have the day off. Our house is a little too small for the size of crowd we expect. It has been pretty warm for November this week, and today was even sunny, so if we are lucky some people will choose to have a jam session on the porch. Othewise we will just cram ourselves into the living room and do our best to play tunes without fiddle bows bonking guitar players in the head, or whatever.

Off to sleep, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.