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Archive for November 27th, 2003

A Low-Key Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 27th, 2003

A Good Day Off
I love quiet holidays. For our holiday meal, we reheated food I got yesterday from Altu’s restaurant and I made pumpkin sauce for my soy ice cream. I totally enjoyed the feast, and I didn’t have to look at tables full of food that I can’t eat. We didn’t have to spend hours fighting holiday traffic, either. For this peace and quiet, I am very thankful indeed.

Today I didn’t even leave the house. Brian took a long walk to Scott Woods park but I need to save my feet for standing behind the cutting counter the next few crazy holiday-shopping days at JoAnn’s. I am working 8 hours Friday and 8 hours or so on Saturday.

Resting Now, Anticipating a Hectic Weekend
Last night I worked only from 6 to close, but close ended up being 11:15. I hadn’t had dinner other than a little snack before I started work, because the other times I’d closed I got out at 9:30. My feet were very clear I had made them work more than usual. I had my chicken soup and then fell asleep on the heatvent on the floor (a comfort place for me, I must be a cat) about 12:30 or so. I woke up at 7am and tripped up to the bedroom, and continued to sleep until around noon today. I really needed that!

Tomorrow (Friday) I work noon until 8pm. That is a good shift, neither opening nor closing. I can sleep in a bit before I go in. Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m trying to think of a way to wear a little crown or something for fun. We’re having a potluck in the break room tomorrow, because there will be so many customers it will be hard for any staff people to get out of the building for a meal. I’m going to bring a fava bean salad. I’ve never made one, but my friend Marlene Cameron makes a really fabulous one and I’m going to do my best to emulate her style.

A Surprise
One fly in the Thanksgiving ointment tonight. Since we were home I was doing domestic things, such as a long hot bath and then running the dishwasher. I overloaded our drain system and we had a flood in the basement, the area where I dye my yarns. Now, I dye yarns there because I can hose off the cement floor into the drain right there… but it was standing water about 3″ deep in one spot.

A few hours later it had drained, slowly, so that there was no standing water at all. I just overloaded it with my bath plus the dishwasher. I guess that is the cost of trying to stay clean!!! We have called a drain cleaner to come first thing in the morning. It was much more costly to have them come out at 8pm on a holiday, than a regular work day such as tomorrow. We survived the shock of it all.

What is it with holidays? I remember my mom’s furnace going out on Christmas morning when I was in High School. And I know when I worked at an appliance parts place, the day after Thanksgiving was the busiest day, with people bringing in burned out stove/oven elements. I think that was explained by folks who only use their stoves/ovens a few times a year.

In the end our little house-crisis worked out just fine, but finding the flood was a big surprise! I figure, though… really, in the scheme of things it’s not a terminal illness, it’s just typical maintenance for a house. On a holiday, but typical maintenance. A pain but that’s life. Tomorrow we’ll be just like new.

Leisure Time to Knit
Oh, in knitting news I did start my Sally Melville maximum legwarmers. Except of course I changed them. I’m doing them bottom to top rather than top down. I will put ribbing on top and bottom. I cast on fewer stitches and will be increasing less often. But I’m using her plan for stripes which makes it Sally’s design for sure.

I still prefer looking at Kureyon yarn in the skein over any project it can be knit in (it does a decent entrelac, though… not that I’ve done it yet). And it has far too many knots for my taste but I’m surviving. I am sure that when I’m down in the dumps because the outdoors is gray gray gray, I can wear these and cheer myself up (and maybe the neighborhood as well).

I’m knitting both legwarmers at the same time. The finished legwarmers are supposed to be 24″ tall and I’ve knit 11 inches on both pieces. That sounds like I’m nearly halfway done and I mostly only worked on them today. Whee! Of course, I won’t have a lot of time to knit them in the next two days, but I’ll keep plugging and probably will have a new project done in the next week or so. Yippee!

(Picture is one I took last winter, but the flowers and vase/pitcher look the same as the ones on my table right now, for today’s quiet holiday feast. Thanks to Brian, who knows I love carnations and brought them home for my party last Saturday.)

Tomorrow my blog is one year old. Imagine that!