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Archive for January 7th, 2004

A New Term for CityKidz

Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

This was the beginning of a new term for CityKidz Knit! I had 10 knitters Wednesday, and only 3 had been there before. Two Mommies came with groups of children, and I also got an older girl who appears to know almost no English. She took to the knitting very quickly but couldn’t tell me if she had knit before. I suspect she may have, as she had several inches of knitting on her wristband done after less than an hour.

It was interesting because I ended up with several different styles of knitting. One girl just naturally kept holding both needles something like a pencil. It worked for her so I just let her go to it. Another girl had done a little knitting several years ago and does a lot of crocheting. I showed her how to knit continental, with yarn in left hand as she does for crochet. She had been trying to wrap the yarn with her left hand anyway, and she was much more comfortable once I got her going like that. I made sure to tell them that there are many ways of knitting and we just need to find the right way for everyone.

There were two or three who had challenges remembering the poem we use to help them knit. When I would stand there and say the poem to them, they could make a stitch properly. Then I would have to go help another child and I’d come back, and at least two of them would have wrapped the yarn all around that needle a bunch of times each stitch. One of those kidz is coming back Thursday so maybe she’ll get more repetition that way. The confused ones are much younger. If they keep getting confused I will have them finger crochet for a while, then I’ll finger knit (it makes something like a loose I-Cord) and then we’ll try again.