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Archive for January 14th, 2004

Snow, Dinner with a Friend, & False Start

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

Well, it snowed a lot today. It snowed this morning enough that I had a lot to clean off my car before work at 12:30… then by about 5pm it was just coming down like crazy again. I guess they say it has stopped now and will be better in the morning. I had planned to meet a fiber friend in the morning tomorrow before going to work at Foster in the afternoon, but I am hoping now that we postpone. Maybe the roads will be better, but I’m less gutsy than I once was.

I worked at Foster until 5:00 and then I had Master dance class from 5:30-6:30. We were supposed to have Habibi dance practice from 6:30-8:30 but so many people could not make it in because of the weather, that rehearsal was called off. I did really enjoy my dance class today so it was a shame to stop dancing so soon. However, one dance friend (Nyla) came with her daughter since her babysitter couldn’t make it. We decided to go to dinner at Altu’s. We had so much fun! (Picture is Nyla and her daughter, wearing an eggplant hat I knit for her).

It’s just delightful to spend time together, since we haven’t seen much of each other lately. Her daughter was a premature baby, only 3 lb and 1oz, and she is doing just great. Her development is ahead of the curve despite her early challenges, and she’s a sharp and determined young thing. We went shopping at the health food store after dinner, and I watched the child so that my friend could check out some of the foods that were somewhat unfamiliar to her. I tell you, I got exhausted following that little girl, she was full of energy and speed. She didn’t get into any trouble but kids just love to take off and go, when there is a long expanse of floor!

Knitting Update
Well, I finished a pair of sox on Monday night and still don’t have a picture. I’ll have to do that soon. Since I didn’t have any small projects going, I started a hat, my first project in entrelac (the pattern is in the Winter 2003 issue of INKnitters magazine, written by Donna Druchunas).

The article is titled “Entrelac In-the-Round.” Well, I thought that meant I should swatch in the round. My first gauge swatch hit the pattern’s gauge dead-on. But I needed to think about this, entrelac is a whole lot of little triangles and rectangles knit back and forth. Well, I either have to rip this thing out or I need to make up a new project (a bag?) for what I have started already. It has 14 triangles which are 9 sts wide each, and it looks almost like a small sweater rather than a hat, with only 6 triangles completed thus far.

I wouldn’t mind a bag in entrelac. The yarn is Classic Elite Montera 50% llama/ 50% wool, a yarn rated for 4st/in but I got 4.5st/in on size 8 needles, which is what the pattern calls for (this makes a good dense hat fabric). In the round, that is.

However, I am getting 3.75st/in on the same needles, knitting half the rows and then “knitting back backwards” or basically knitting left handed rather than purling, on the other half of the rows. This means I don’t have to turn the work, and is how many people do entrelac. But hey, what a difference it makes in my gauge!

I guess I just need to have socks as my portable project. The honest truth is that I have plenty of sockyarns in my stash but most of the ones waiting for me are either in hanks or a single 100gm ball. I knit two socks at the same time, simultaneously on separate sets of DPNs. I need to wind off half the 100gm balls into a second center-pull ball so I can start knitting from those. Or conversely, I could wind my hank of Bearfoot or the wonderful Koigu I got pre-holidays, so that I can knit those. What good is it to have sockyarn yarn if you can’t grab it and knit with it in line at the grocery store??? If it’s in a hank or large ball, it’s as if I don’t have it available to me.

Right now my studio is so cold (it’s a basement with only a space heater to warm it) that I don’t look forward to going down there to wind my yarn (or dye wool, for that matter). But I need to do this for at least one yarn so I can get a project going!