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Archive for January 16th, 2004

A Creative CityKid

Friday, January 16th, 2004

Yesterday I had a wonderful time at my CityKidz Knit! program.

I had a new knitter, brought in by her mother. She did just fine. Her stitches are still loose, but she made about 3 inches of a wristband in an hour, a respectable bit of progress for a first day. She seemed to enjoy it.

One 4th grader who originally had a very hard time knitting (we had to start with finger crochet) is now knitting on double pointed needles, in the round. She wanted to make baby booties. Go Grrl! She was a little afraid it would be hard, but when she got going, she was saying “This is easy!” I was so proud of her. She really stuck it out when others would have given up. She had to do a lot of work to develop her fine motor muscles, before knitting felt comfortable for her. I’m very proud of her.

And… one 6th grade girl who had not come in since holidays, came in with a project she had started the last time I saw her. She had wanted to make some slippers, but the pattern I had (from a Coats & Clark circa 1973 learn to knit booklet) was unreasonably difficult for a beginner pattern. We decided that she would like to make a garter stitch rectangle, which would be stretchy (like the rib specified in the pattern) and she would just gather stitches at the toe, and sew up the back of the heel while sewing up the top of the instep.

Well, this child often surprises me by coming up with better answers than I can think of. She showed up with one slipper done and another mostly knit. Not only had she done the sewing we had imagined, but then she knit a small tube much like the wristbands I start them with, and she sewed the tube to the opening in her slipper. Voila! A cuff! It looks just great, by the way. At least, in my humble opinion. (In the picture, she is holding the finished slipper on our left, and the one on our right has the toe and instep seamed but needs a heel seam and a cuff.)

Remember, this child is in sixth grade and she has only been knitting since Fall. She just has a natural gift for designing. She starts something and then she sees the potential of the fabric on her needles. She almost always changes plans partway through, and the change is for the better. I want to be like her when I grow up!