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Archive for January 20th, 2004

Knitting Guild

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

I enjoyed my day today. I did not have any business appointments, but since it had been several weeks since I’d had a day free, I had many tasks waiting on my errand list. I did get to sleep in a little… and I had three tasty meals, plus I was alone a lot, which I really enjoyed. I don’t know why I thought I’d have time to knit all day. I had so many things I had put off until later. Today was the later I’d waited for. I got things done but not much knitting.

After dinner, though, I joined my friends at the Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild. I was delayed by almost 20 minutes by a train stopped only two blocks from the meeting (I knit an inch and a half on my sock while waiting, so that was the good part)… they finally had us back up and make a U-turn to get out of the gridlock and go around another way. Several of us got caught and were late together.

I took my newly finished sox (the yarn is Trampoline – see picture) with me for show-and-tell, and the single child’s sock I made on my knitting machine… as well as my Turkish sox which I had not shown to the group before.

I also took a nosewarmer I knit, inspired by the nosewarmer pattern Amy put on the Knitty site. (I forgot to mention this piece during show and tell, but did show it around after the meeting to a few folks.) As usual, I can not leave a pattern alone. I did knit one with her specifications but I could not get the tiny gauge she was getting (9st/in) so I just ripped out that one. I added ribbing at the edge to keep it from curling and cast on a lot fewer stitches. I also did it in one color, even the braided ties, and I did not put a tassel on the tip of the nose. I guess mine is positively low-key for a nosewarmer (I keep remembering red and white striped ones with tassels when I was a kid… I never had one but that is how I remember them.)

I actually have two patterns for nosewarmers, knit quite differently. I will see if I actually wear this one, and if I do I will consider trying a variation on the other pattern as well. Such fun! Mine is in Debbie Bliss washable DK merino. Great stuff. And hey, a nosewarmer takes very little time to complete. For this grrl, who just loves to finish things, that is a big plus.

The guild meeting was about intarsia. Sweatergirl (Tracy A) did the presentation. I learned a lot, including that I need to wait until I’m less busy and I should not start with cotton yarn (which I don’t like as much as wool anyway).

I am sure I’ll end up doing this technique someday because I love color so much. When my love for color overrides my distaste for purling, I’ll do it. Maybe I can do a seed stitch intarsia. That way only half of my stitches would be purl on each row. I just don’t like purling more than about 5 stitches in a row, but I don’t mind alternating. I don’t know why, don’t ask me… it just is. Oh, the picture here is Irene hiding behind her amazing sweater, and Charlotte trying desperately to see it. Irene LOVES intarsia, you should have seen all her projects.

Oh… also Sarah Peasley brought her color block sweater which is just beautiful (it used to be on her website but I can not find it right now). And Luann, who has helped me many times, many hours with CityKidz Knit!, brought a half-circle shawl she finished using Helen’s Lace yarn from Lorna’s Laces… just beautiful. It was exactly the right pattern for that yarn. I took a picture but she was moving so fast, the shawl was flying and I cut off half of Luann. Sigh… She also is partway through a beautiful lightweight mohair shawl. I can’t wait to see that, either.

Sharon P. took a photo of me clowning around wearing my nosewarmer. I’m guessing in the next day or so you will be able to see a picture on her blog.