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Archive for January 21st, 2004

Busy Day

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Today I had eight different commitments, and I’m reeling from the schedule after only 5 hours of sleep. I tell you, I need to start giving myself some more days off sometime soon.

The good thing was that even though I spent a lot of time waiting in doctor’s offices and the pharmacy today (nothing wrong, all routine stuff), I did get some knitting done. I have about 4-5″ done on one sock cuff and the other is about 3″ done because of last night’s train crossing delay and then knitting guild meeting. I just started these last Thursday, so that makes me pleased.

I also did start my ColorJoy stole to knit along with my students. The most important yarn is a three-strand Ironstone yarn based on a cobalt blue brushed mohair, with a long eyelash and a shiny strand in there as well. I got the skein at Yarn for Ewe, probably late last fall. Beautiful stuff, but I don’t often wear cobalt. I ended up with a nice collection of yarns to go with it, including a turquoise/green eyelash and a fuschia brushed mohair with bits of color in the binder, and a shiny railroad yarn that is predominantly aqua/turquoise. I also used some Brown Sheep Handpaint 100% mohair in worsted weight, a beautiful smooth single-ply yarn in multicolored jewel tones.

This stole will be very different than my others, since it will have three mohair yarns in it (two brushed) and only 2 eyelash yarns, both longer and made of polyester (usually I add a nylon eyelash with the look of feathers, as well). But hey, I adore mohair and this is a great way to highlight these incredible skeins of yarn. And I think this stole will be considerably warmer than the more froofy multiple-eyelash stoles.

No illustrations of my yarn or process yet tonight, I’m wiped out. So here, instead, is a photo of my “graffiti” that I did on my palm device a few weeks ago. I typically have an impulse to add color to something (usually by painting like this, sometimes by painting walls in the house) right after the holidays. This year was no exception.

I painted the plastic of the case with fingernail polish of different colors. I had tested first (maybe a month ago) on my old broken palm device, to see if the polish would stick properly. It worked great, so I was ready to go when the mood grabbed me. Cool, huh? I figure if anyone took it, I sure could prove it was mine!

Let’s hope I get a few hours of sleep tonight. I can’t decide what sounds better, a hot bath or sleep. See you tomorrow!