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Archive for January 22nd, 2004

Be Careful what You Wish For!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Well, I wished for more than one day off. I need to be careful of what I’m wishing… I got scheduled for only one long shift next week at JoAnn, and somehow that was a day when I had told them I could not work. Voila! A week off from one of my most time-consuming jobs!

It will work out fine. I need to dye more wool. I have a few things coming up where I will be selling yarn, assuming I *have* yarn to sell. I sure have a lot of stock that hasn’t been dyed yet, so I just need to get busy. I think it will be delightful to be alone more next week. I’m sure some errands will get in the way some of the time, and I sure need to do my financial paperwork to prepare for the tax season. However, I will be able to make some dyed yarns and perhaps start on a pattern that will be due in a month and a half.

Tomorrow I’ll be busy, making swatches for Sunday’s class, among other things. We will be learning how to fix mistakes in garter stitch as part of the class. I’m really hoping this will be a great thing for the students. We will do it on smooth yarn swatches before messing with fancy yarns. I’ll do the stockinette swatches on the sweater machine, but I need to do the garter by hand.

Oh, in CityKidz Knit! today, they were very impressed with my nosewarmer. One girl went home planning to make one. Another girl stayed a couple hours, so she had time to not only think up a way to make a nosewarmer on her own, but time to make it from start to finish. She loves making tassels so she made one for the tip of the nose. Very cute, a present for her 3-year old little sister, who will love it. This child is in 4th grade and since she learned to increase, decrease and purl this holiday vacation, she is now making up patterns. I’m impressed.

And me? I’m tired… I get to sleep in tomorrow, what a luxury. Nevertheless, even as tired as I was, I got more knitting done on my sock. A few stitches here and there while in between answering kids questions at the knitting class today, helped me make progress.