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Archive for January 23rd, 2004

Snow, Snow, Snow

Friday, January 23rd, 2004

It has been snowing all day. Everything is white, there is no color and no sun. It makes me inclined to get in the car and head south. Or alternately, stay in bed where it’s warm! I’m resisting. I guess I’m a grownup after all.

I had a day free from business appointments and so I spent a bunch of time preparing financial records for tax time. I sure have a long way to go, but at least I started. This is not my favorite part of being self employed!

Brian and I had dinner at a new place tonight, a sushi place in Hannah Plaza. He got a gift certificate for this restaurant for the holidays, and we just got around to going tonight. I think I will never be a huge fan of this sort of food (I love tempura, that lightly-breaded deep fried vegetable/shrimp stuff, but this restaurant was using an oil that I couldn’t eat). Brian got a nice platter with all sorts of taste treats. I got some edamame (green/fresh soybeans) steamed in the pod (yummy), and then I ate vegetarian rolls. Some of the rolls were avocado/rice/seaweed, some had asparagus instead of avocado, some had “pumpkin skin” instead (it was good, but didn’t taste like pumpkin).

It was fine as a special date/occasion. I still prefer Altu’s Ethiopian food, or Aladdin’s Lebanese food, any day. I’m not into pickles and salty things (soy sauce) very much, and I adore beans when cooked properly.

However, it turned out that Pat (a musician acquaintance who was in The Weepers) and his wife Terri (who is a knitting-guild colleague and friend of Sarah Peasley) sat at the next table. We talked to Pat a while until Terri joined him. Pat is in a new band with our friend Drew. The band is called Saltines, if I remember right. They play a regular Monday night gig at Mac’s Bar and it sounds pretty fun. I’d love to go and see them sometime, smoke or not.

I keep forgetting to take pictures when I’m out and about. The picture today is of the final concert for The Weepers, with Pat on drums behind the Bass (played by Steve). Drew, another Saltines member, is in the picture at far left).

I hope to have some new pics tomorrow, because in the evening I’m going with a group of 6 Habibi Dancers to perform in Alma, an hour north of Lansing. (The costume I’m wearing was created by Phaedra.) I’m guessing there will be some photo opportunities there. I’m dancing one piece I have not done before, wish me well.