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Archive for January 25th, 2004

I’m Back

Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Hi friends. Well, I missed a day of blogging. I had not missed a column since November, and I was proud of that. However, yesterday I had to teach at 9am, followed by a computer lab, a dance rehearsal, a dance performance an hour out of town, and then a drive home. I was gone almost 14 hours. I just plain konked out, fell asleep before even thinking about my computer. And it was a good thing, because I needed some rest before teaching the second session of my ColorJoy stole class.

This noon, three of the four women who had been here last week for my pilot ColorJoy novelty yarn stole class, came back for the second half. The fourth person could not make it at the last minute, so I will be meeting with her this week privately (we actually volunteer together for another guild so that works out well).

It was exciting to see what people had come up with. We all had very different colorways going. Lili had a darker version, with purples and some gold and black, and a bluish turquoise eyelash for contrast and interest. Sharon P. is making a beautiful stole in some of her favorite colors… purple and turquoise, but one of her yarns also has a sort of hot magenta/purple and a hot yellow-green for a little bit of oomph. She was a little nervous to add that green, but it really brings the piece alive.

Emily told great stories about her stole. She is doing colors that she normally does not knit, because it was yarn she bought for a friend with auburn hair. The colors are beautiful copper/auburn, and teals/turquoises with a few bits of orange and green. It’s funny, we are so set on what colors we look good in, that we don’t always open our minds to other beautiful color combinations. Emily’s grandkids were hoping the stole was not for them (both the colors and the texture of the eyelash yarns were not something they had seen Emily knit before). I wish I could tell her stories as well as she can, it was quite amusing how the kids indicated they didn’t want this piece (she often knits for them, so they automatically assumed that it was for one of them).

When she finally finished telling the stories of her stole and her family’s resistance to the colors, and then she brought out the stole itself… well, I was flabbergasted. It is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning. It makes me want red hair so I could wear it perfectly. Funny how if we look good in certain colors, we just have a hard time opening up to other colors even if they look great on someone else. And conversely, we can love a color so much that we can think it looks great on someone when in fact it’s not really as good on that other person as some other colors might be. Color is such a personal thing!

I did start a stole but since I was preparing swatches for the class, I didn’t get much knit. Mine is based on a blue cobalt mohair with metallic and eyelash. It also has some turquoise and magenta accents. My stole has much more mohair than I usually use, and I hope it will be very warm.

I’m ready for warm! Last night it was 14 degrees below Zero, F. This morning at 8:45am it was 2.8F according to my thermometer. It did get up to 12 or a bit higher later in the day, but even that is incredibly cold with even a tiny breeze. I’m so ready to be done with winter, and it hasn’t really kicked in fully yet. Mom called from Florida today, where they don’t have to shovel at all. Lucky her!

I had a luxurious nap today after class and before band rehearsal for Abbott Brothers band. That is such fun! I love jamming and I even more enjoy performing. We’re at Altus this coming Saturday, from 6:30-8:30. Local folks, consider coming out. It’s great fun, with many styles of music represented.

I think the picture here today is self-explanatory. These are the stole bits that folks brought to class. You can’t see how much teal is in Emily’s stole for some reason (see Sharon P’s blog, Knitknacks, to see a much clearer picture of the colorway). The stole I identify here as mine, is the one I wear all the time. My blue mohair one had only about four rows in it so it was not photogenic at all at this point.