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Archive for January 29th, 2004

Off Jumps Jack!

Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Wednesday was still snowy. I cancelled my retiree computer class, as two of the four people were from out of town and generally my retirees don’t like to drive in bad weather or the dark. We’ll do it another day.

On the way to Foster Center, my car got stuck in the street right outside my driveway. Our drive is on a side road since we live on a corner, and that road is only about a block and a half long. They did plow it once early last night, but I think that was the last time it was plowed and my car just could not back out fast enough to keep from bogging down in the many inches of snow. Ugh. Fortunately I could just kick the snow away from behind the tires, get in and move a foot or two, get out and kick the snow away again, and I got free. It could have been much worse. The main roads are not bad, and the highways are now just wet because of the huge amount of salt they put on them, but the side streets were just a bear to get through.

Anyway, I did go to Foster for my computer lab (nobody came so I knit on my stole a bit), and CityKidz Knit! I had four girls there who were delivered by a mom, and then I had three little neighborhood boys who are new. Two of the boys had knit with me once before, and one was totally new. They are young… the oldest-looking one told me his 8th birthday is tomorrow. I had to keep repeating the poem to them, and gave them each their own printed out poem to keep in front of them for a reminder when I had to answer questions from the girls.

Well, at the end of each row they had extra stitches I had to fix, but I would get them back to the five they started with (they start with a wristband on 5 stitches) and they would start again. They love the poem, especially the last line, “…and Off Jumps Jack!”

Here’s the poem again for those who missed it before:

UP through the front door,
dance AROUND the back,
DOWN through the window,
and OFF jumps Jack!!!

I just adore my kidz. They make my day… I often wonder if I am doing the right thing with my worklife, but when I’m with the CityKidz Knit! group, I don’t wonder. I love them, they know it without saying a thing, and they come back even when things are imperfect. I sort of need to learn something from the kids about that… imperfection is not a reason to quit, you know?