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Archive for January 31st, 2004

Abbott Brothers in the News!

Saturday, January 31st, 2004

Wowie, this Thursday our band, Abbott Brothers, got a very nice writeup in Sarah Stollak’s column in the Lansing State Journal. It’s in the weekly What’s On section which focuses on the arts, particularly performing arts.

Sarah is a musician and also a knitter. No wonder we enjoy one another and keep running into one another in town! You can read her column at LSJ.com Online. She focuses on three different performances this week, and we are the third, so scroll down a bit!

This article came out this week because Abbott Brothers are playing at Altu’s again on Saturday night (that is today), from 6:30 to 8:30 (dinnertime, not the common later hours at many venues). Anyone out there want to come and say hi, and have a great time? Altu’s is on Michigan Avenue, right next door to The Dollar in a small building with three businesses in it (across from the Honda dealer). It’s the last building in East Lansing, the Dollar is in Lansing, very near Frandor.

Abbott Brothers is a band which started in the late 1970’s and for a good long while in the 1980’s had a regular weekly performance gig at the Old World restaurant in East Lansing. My second date with Brian about 8 years ago, was to go with him to an Abbott Brothers jam session. Of course, Brian made sure I learned to play Heftone bass and so I ended up jamming and performing with the band myself. I’m the newest member, I have only been with the band for a little over seven years.

Each member of the band has a particular style or styles of music they love most, and so there is a wonderful collage of good-time music when we play together. In the picture, from left to right:
Bob plays guitar and has a great collection of swing and jazzy numbers. I play the Heftone and sing mostly retro 1920’s and bluesy numbers, Brian plays ukulele and plays a good variety, from original instrumentals to 20’s tunes to rags from earlier yet. Although Dick won’t be performing with us tonight, he’s a great guitar player who loves jug band music and some contemporary songs. Barbara Abbott plays piano and violin and likes country and gospel, and traditional/jug band tunes. Larry plays harmonica and sings high-energy music from Hank Williams to Elvis.

As Sarah points out in her article, the only Abbott in the band is Barbara, and none of the guys are brother to any other in the band. When the band was formed, Barbara was the only woman in the group. It wasn’t meant to make sense… OK? Maybe that helps you see we are in this for fun, a good time.

Please join us, and say hello! If you have not tried Ethiopian food yet, there is a good variety, from meat to beans, from mild to spicy. Traditionally you use a springy sourdough-like flat bread to pick up bits of the thick stews and eat with your fingers, but you can request a bed of rice if you wish, and a fork. Charles (Altu’s brother in law, the man who handles the front end most) will be sure to explain it all to you when you get there, so you’ll pick something you are likely to really enjoy.

I hope you come out. We’d love to have you join us.