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Archive for February 7th, 2004

Fun at Aladdin’s

Saturday, February 7th, 2004

I got to dance as Eudora Friday at Aladdin’s. It was great fun as always. There were three tables in all, of dance friends, between the two shows. Also, at the first show, Rod and Linda, a couple who often come to our music gigs at Altu’s, came to see the show as well. And Lili, of the purple ColorJoy stole from my pilot class, came with her sweetie Mike. Brian was there, of course, and a number of folks I didn’t know but who were significantly enthusiastic.

Many pictures were taken, several were pretty good. But this fuzzy photo was the best moment of all, when my dance friend Nyla helped her almost-two-year-old daughter put a tip in my belt. This baby was born at 3 lb 1 oz, just a tiny tiny thing. She is the only child I have ever knit for, except for charity socks. I knit her a peach and mint green lace baby dress, out of Dale of Norway Baby Ull, when she was first born. It was too big at first, but she did get to wear it. I didn’t get a good photo of it and neither did they, but it was beautiful and the only lace project I’ve ever knit.

I’ve also knit this child two fruit hats… one raspberry and one eggplant. She wore the first until it was too small, and I was thrilled to see that she was growing and thriving, so I volunteered to do another. She wears the hats often, I see her wearing them and it warms my heart. I know my friend really does appreciate my handwork (she does some crochet).

Isn’t this baby adorable? She’s on my list of favorite children, a sweet but also strong child, whose parents really appreciate her. I figured this picture was just too sweet to pass by, even though it did not focus well.