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Archive for February 8th, 2004

Tired LynnH!

Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Wow, I’m just plain tired these days. I have the high-class problem of balancing several income sources and so I have not had a day off since January 26. That is two weeks. I’ve had parts of days, and enjoyed them a lot. But I realize that most people who are not self-employed, get two days off a week. Most of them get two in a row. No wonder I’m tired!

I have an important deadline for a Microsoft Access database client Monday morning. I may have nothing else where I have to meet anybody, for the rest of the day. I’m behind on paperwork and I need to dig out a few answers for another database client, so I may do those things in the afternoon. However, just being at home working is a nice rest from all the running around I’ve been doing lately.

Sunday I worked 10-4 at JoAnn, then ran to Aladdin’s for lunch and a meeting with Sharon P, who is working with me on a presentation for the next Mid Michigan Knitting Guild meeting. We will be talking a little about software one can use for knitting. We are not experts on most of the softwares (I use Sole Solutions for socknitting when I do an unusual sock, usually for someone other than myself, but that’s all I have used). However, we are going to present information we can glean so that others don’t have to do the research from scratch.

After that I ran to Working Women Artists where I did a presentation on Polymer Clay. It was a small meeting but we had a really fun time. I just love polymer clay… when I’m at home I prefer to knit, but the idea of polymer is still exciting to me. It was fun to share my enthusiasm.

Then I ran home to deal with questions from a publisher on a pattern that is in the works to be published in the not-so-distant future. I’ve been getting several emails a day with questions in the last week. I get home and instead of resting, I deal with the questions. One can not afford to make a publisher wait.

You know, I like making up pretty socks on my needles. I like making things up, I feel as though it is art, I do it as a natural expression of my inner self, my artfulness. I don’t like taking notes, measuring, doing the numbers. I am OK at numbers, and I have a computer spreadsheet to help me chart out several sizes in each design. But hey, I turned into a published designer by accident. I would knit pretty sox and put pics on the internet, and then people would write to me asking for the pattern. So I started making patterns.

But I think I have only a few patterns where I actually wrote down the notes as I made the sock, planning to write a pattern. Most of my patterns I gleefully made for fun and then went back and documented after the fact. I’m getting better taking notes these days, knowing this is inevitable. I still like that part the least. I just like working with yarn and enjoying the wool flowing through my fingers. You know?

Picture is of the sock which was knit for a young friend, Eva. This sock caused such a stir on my LynnH SockTour with people asking for patterns, that I was inspired to create the “Eva’s Sox” pattern, my first for the public.