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Archive for February 9th, 2004

Shopping for Entertainment

Monday, February 9th, 2004

Well, I worked for an Access database client today and got out just after noon. I did not have any other appointments, so I took myself to lunch at Mid East Cafe on the west side. They had a special called Foul Moudammas (actually that is just the name for Fava Beans) which was a fava bean dip. I tried that and a small bowl of lentil soup. Notice that I got so excited to eat the dip, that I didn’t remember to take a picture until after I had already dug into it.

My goodness, did I get full! The soup had green lentils rather than the orange lentils used at Aladdins for their lentil soup. The green lentils are a bit more filling, and the soup was quite tasty. But the dip… that was even better than I thought. It reminded me of the restaurant in Grand Rapids where I’ve ordered Fava bean dip. I like the one in G.R. better by a little bit, but it was such a treat and I really enjoyed my meal!

After that I went briefly to JoAnn Fabrics on the west side and then to the pretty large Salvation Army store behind the Lansing Mall. Wowie! I found some great deals. I found a gorgeous dark teal blue doubleknit wool A-line jumper from Lord and Taylor, for $2.99. Then I found a matching merino wool turtleneck in teal and black stripes, also from Lord and Taylor, for another $2.99. These garments are made so well I’m just thrilled to have them, and they will fill a spot in my closet that was not filled. I occasionally need a dress in winter, and I only seem to wear skirts in the summertime. In the winter I tend to dress in leggings and long sweaters so I don’t have much else. This was just great!

I also found a Lizwear (by Liz Claiborne) sweater in hot turquoise blue with all sorts of other bright colors and flecks of color, marked at $1.99 but the sweaters were half off. So it was $1. The sweater is 80% acrylic and 20% wool, not as much wool as I prefer, but it is a thick and substantial sweater that fits me very well. I think I’ll wear it a good deal. I’m going to handwash it and rinse it with hair conditioner, to give it a nicer feel. Acrylic feels so dry when it has been dry cleaned! I’m actually wearing this sweater right now. For some reason, things made by the Liz Claiborne companies just fit me really well, in addition to being brighter colors than a lot of other clothing. My fave sweater and my wedding dress are both by Liz.

I got a few tops and a pair of pants for my work at JoAnn fabrics, as well, and two charcoal gray garments (one also from Lord and Taylor) out of drapey wool jersey (jersey is that type of knit used for t-shirts, where one side is stockinette and one side is reverse stockinette, in a very thin knit.). I love wool jersey more than any other fabric, but it is pricey no doubt because it would be difficult to manufacture such fine wool knit.

The long jacket has two small moth holes in the back and I am going to give it my best to repair those holes. If I fail, I will wash it in the machine (with the large wool jersey dress that doesn’t fit well but was a lot of wonderful fabric for $2.99) to shrink it up/full it and hopefully make a good knitting bag to replace the nylon bag I have been using for years. And anything else that sounds cool to do with it once I see how it turns out. I’ve shrunk wool Jersey before, and it is still thin enough to not be too stiff. Love it. I think I will like a bag made from it, we’ll see.

The second picture is a pair of sox I had forgotten I had even knit. They were not listed on my knitting log at all, but the photo was taken on August 5, 2003. The yarn is Regia Stretch which I got at Yarn for Ewe in Okemos. Brian says they fit well but are a little warmer than the other sox I’ve knit him, no doubt because the yarn has more nylon and less wool than regular Regia. I think the colors pooled in a pleasing manner that is not too distracting. I was not thrilled with the colors, but adding the green accents made it more interesting.