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Archive for February 10th, 2004

My Day Off

Tuesday, February 10th, 2004

Well, today I had a day off. Sigh…. loved every minute. Wish it could have lasted much longer, but it was just fine as it was.

I slept in until 10am. Then I made pumpkin-orange pancakes for Brian and I, topped with applesauce and cinnamon. They were pretty tasty but not as fluffy as they would have been without the pumpkin. I just was craving pumpkin as I do sometimes on cold days. Yum.

I did a little cleaning up and some laundry. Pretty funny… we do a light/white load, a dark/black load and then the rest divides into a turquoise load and a fuschia/purple load. It’s pretty clear who lives here, I guess! Well, I had not done laundry in so long that I had three fuschia/purple loads to wash today. And I got distracted a bit so the second one is in the washer right now.

Well, after I did a little cleaning I went and hung out with Altu at her restaurant for a couple of hours during the slow time between lunch and dinner. We just don’t get that sort of time together much anymore. It was a luxury I enjoyed. I had hoped she could come back to my house but we both had things to do before the workday ended so we just sat and talked at the restaurant. I loved being with her.

I ran a few more errands, including popping in to JoAnn to see about the schedule. They do the schedule on an Excel spreadsheet… well, I’ve taught Excel since Windows 3.1 (spreadsheets since Lotus 123 for DOS)… and I was able to answer a few questions right then and there, which were really helpful to the person doing the schedule. That made me feel good.

More errands, then I ran home. Found that I was falling asleep at my keyboard at 6:15pm so I took an hour nap, what a luxury that was! Then Brian came home and I made a nice little bow-tie pasta dinner with black olives and italian-baked tofu and roasted red peppers. It was pretty darned good, for how fast I put it together.

Then I was all ready to finally machine-knit my wool/cotton longjohns. And I tell you, I can not find the pattern I wrote for anything. I have gone through pile after pile of books, magazines, papers on my desk. I actually did some filing of financial papers thinking I might find the pattern. I know I had it a few weekends ago when I thought that Tony was going to come over. Now I don’t know where that one piece of paper has gone. I’m so bummed!

So instead I am doing more housekeeping, more email, more filing of papers (this is really good because I need to get taxes together very soon). I need to go look in a box I haven’t checked, now that I remember that box. But why would it not be with my knitting machine? I am so confused!

I was glad I did not have to drive far this morning. It snowed pretty steadily from the time I woke up to about 2:00pm. It was pretty, light, fluffy snow, the kind they show in movies. Just the same it does make the roads slick.

I am ready for winter to be over. I’m glad my brother and I are going down to visit my mother in Florida on the 23rd of February. I just need to hang on for two more weeks. Meanwhile, here is a picture of my flowers (and flamingos given to me by my mother’s friend, Fai), that I took this last July. Remember, gardening is art, food is art, knitting can be art. Life is definitely art… I hope you had an artful day, too.