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Archive for February 11th, 2004

More Access Busy-ness

Wednesday, February 11th, 2004

Well, today I spent most of my time working as a volunteer for Habibi Dancers. Our spring concert is April 17 and we did our big mailing of the year today. I had all sorts of mail that had come back last time we did the big mailing, dozens (felt like hundreds) of address changes and people to delete for lack of a current address. I spent hours doing data entry in Microsoft Access, then I printed the labels and the mailing went smoothly. In the end it is worth it, but it’s so much work while I’m doing it I always doubt myself.

Anyway, I did also have several knitters at Foster today for a few hours and that was lovely. Joy (one of my knitting students from JoAnn) came to help out with the kids again. They ask after her when she stays away so I was happy to see her.

The kids have been into making dolls from yarn lately. It’s basically a fancy tassel. What is great about this, is that they can finish a project in an hour. They love that part. They did a great job today.

The pictures are actually from last week. The little girl at top started with 5 stitches and ended up increasing so much that she made a triangle. She was so thrilled to bind off and finish a project, she didn’t think about it being an odd shape. The second picture was last Saturday (officially a computer day, not knitting, but they dove right in to the yarns with confidence). The top left girl was a visitor. She made four or five dolls all hanging from her fingers there. The second was wearing her doll as a hat. The girl seated in front made me a doll, gluing on buttons for eyes and mouth, sort of like a snowman. And the girl on right, is showing off her baby socks on double pointed needles. She is 9 years old, 4th grade. I told her that many grownups think that double pointed needles are hard, and she just beams. She’s doing very well with them.

Off to sleep. I keep not doing that part of a healthy life. Sleep. It’s great stuff, sleep is! I need to remember that when I feel like working longer on this or that and it is past midnight. See you tomorrow!