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Archive for February 13th, 2004

Fun at Heritage Spinning

Friday, February 13th, 2004

Tonight I taught Peasant Heels for Self-Patterning Yarns at Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion (somewhat near the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome). We had so much fun! I had five class participants, who all knew one another. Two women were knitting with two circular needles, the rest of us were using double pointed needles. At least one person was working toe up but most of us were working top down. We had veteran socknitter, casual socknitters, and one woman who had not done much socknitting yet. We had all sorts of yarns and several sizes of needles. And we tried a technique that was new to all of them. It went well.

I had never been to this shop. I had met Joan Sheridan Hoover at Allegan and again at Mount Bruce, but never in Lake Orion (it is an hour and a half drive, just a little further than I like to drive for entertainment). I was really there to work, but I did buy two balls of Heirloom Easy Care DK cabled yarn. I just coule not resist the nicely vibrant turquoise which has more green in it than most turquoises these days (often turquoise is nearly blue).

I have made socks from this yarn before, in a muted purple. I did not like knitting it because I was working on too-small needles, but once I finished the sox they are really comfortable and they machine wash really well. Right now I have many types of beautiful yarns I could use for sox, but I’m focusing on knitting sox for me out of washable yarn. I’m almost done with my current sox, the toes are ready and I just have to finish the peasant heels. So I think the nice fat DK yarn will be a great next project.

But back to the class: several of us are on the new email list for Michigan Knitters so they recognized my name from that. And one student, Joy, was delighted when she realized that the To Bee or Not To Bee Sox pattern she had just found on the internet, was actually my design. That was fun.

Another woman said that she had seen the article that was written about me by Carla Kucinski in the NOISE had also been printed in the Detroit News (another Gannett paper) and she had read it there. How fun!

Here is a picture of me with my students from tonight. Back row: Me (LynnH), Lauren, Suzanne, Elaine. Front row: Joy, Pat.

I guess I will be seeing several of these ladies at the Spinners Flock sale tomorrow in Chelsea (I think it is at Beach School). Tony and I are going bright and early to the sale, and then I’m meeting Ulyana at the Otherwise Gallery at noon for Burning Desires, an annual fundraiser of poetry which I would not miss for the world. I guess I may actually get a little bit of a rest between the poetry reading and our performance at Altu’s. The idea of a nap sounds great, I sure am not getting enough sleep last night or tonight… but there is a knit-in at Yarn for Ewe Saturday and I seem to always miss it. Maybe if I feel perky, I’ll go over there and say hello instead.