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Archive for February 14th, 2004

A Busy Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14th, 2004

Saturday was busy! I got up early (for me) and Tony and I went to the Spinners Flock sale in Chelsea, Michigan. I got four sets of Brittany Birch double-pointed needles (including two size 0 and one size 1, which are being discontinued because they break easily). I also got a beautiful ball of fiber from Moonstruck (Rose Perkins). It is hot yellow-green, aqua, a little blue-turquoise and fuschia. More yellow and fuschia, actually. It’s Romney wool and kid mohair, perfect for socks. Very springy and wonderful!

I can not really imagine what this will look like spun up, and there were no samples to view, so I’m going on faith that I love the colors so much I’ll actually finish the spinning (color entices me to return to the wheel when duty cannot). I have found that I do not enjoy spinning thin at all. Since I love knitting socks, this is an issue. I am going to try this time, spinning a single ply that is about a DK weight yarn, and I’ll knit it up from one strand. They warn that single ply yarns sometimes “bias” or twist in knitting. Therefore, I’ll knit a toe that is a six-part star heel so that it does not have a specific up and down side to it.

I saw four folks I’d met the night before at Heritage Spinning. Pat and Debbie (she wasn’t in my class but was at the shop) were there when I first walked in. Later I saw Suzanne and Elaine. It was great to see them again.

After Spinners Flock I ran to the Otherwise Gallery in Old Town for “Burning Desires,” their annual fundraiser of erotic poetry. Incredible talent, incredible readers, poets, the whole thing. I just love this event. It seems I never get to stay for the whole thing but I adore it.

My friend Ruelaine Stokes was one of the poets (I’ve shown you her photography here before). She is the best. She can read poetry so vibrantly that you can see pictures in your mind for every phrase. You are totally in her world when she speaks. I got there just in time for her last poem. That was a disappointment, but the poem I did hear was wonderful, about the magic of being with someone in a restaurant, how the outside world can go away when we connect together over shared food. I can’t describe it well, it was her poem, but I loved her description of the warmth at the table in spite of the cold of the outdoors.

I went home after that and took a nap for over an hour. Brian came home and we changed and went to Altu’s for our Valentines Day performance. It was great fun, we had a great crowd. It was just about perfect, nobody had to wait for a table but almost all the tables were full almost the whole time. It was wonderful. We had several tables come just because we were there.

Then I went home and crashed. Fell asleep less than an hour after we got home, and slept about 10.5 hours. I neeeeded that!!! Sigh… total luxury.