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Archive for February 16th, 2004

Spinning Dreams

Monday, February 16th, 2004

Wowie, I am gone so much of the daytime these days, that I have little time to post here. I remind myself that people with passion for life often want to do more than they can fit into a day. And I would rather be passionate about living and all my various artforms, than bored or boring.

That said, I’ve got a lot of committments keeping me from home other than sleep hours lately. I did have a wonderful time yesterday. We went to Ann Arbor and played music with friends, and I knit on the way down and back (about an hour one way). I even knit a little at the jam session when they were playing music I could not figure out well enough to play.

On the way down, I knit about 5 rows on my ColorJoy stole for the class reunion we have coming up soon. However, at the jam I didn’t want to look distracted and have balls of five different yarns rolling all over the floor, so I switched to socks. Since my tweedy yarn sox are ready for the peasant heels to be knit, I again would have been distracted. Therefore, I switched to my new turquoise Australian yarn sox (I got the yarn Friday from Heritage Spinning).

These sox are DK weight on size 4 US needles, perhaps a little looser in gauge than would be best for good wear. However, the last time I knit this yarn I did it on size 1-1/2 Brittany needles, and it was not a pleasant experience. The gauge was so tight it was miserable. This time, the knitting is a delight. We’ll see how they wear, but they feel wonderful and springy this time, where the other pair is unyielding. I am doing this pair with peasant/afterthought heels again, because I got to the place where I should have started a heel flap, when I was at the jam session. I just quickly inserted waste yarn where the heel will be inserted later, and kept going in a tube. I got a few inches knit on either foot after that spot was marked, so these are really kicking along.

I am still delighting in the wool I bought on Saturday. I don’t know when I’ll have time to sit and spin at my wheel, but it may actually have to wait until I get back from Florida. (I’m going down to visit my Mom in Lakeland next Monday, one more week… and I’m staying until Thursday… I’m going with my brother this time and Brian is staying home, poor thing.) I am so looking forward to that time, and I will be able to sleep in at least a few days that short week I’m gone. Sigh…

Just to remind myself that I can in fact make pretty yarn, here is a picture of the first two-ply yarn I ever made (I still have not knit it into anything). The raspberry ply is merino cross I got from Nancy McRay of Woven Art, dyed with some dye Nancy gave to me for the occasion. The second ply is some coarser wool batt I got from a feltmaking workshop with Joan Livingstone about 3 years ago, where I dyed the wool with fuschia and turquoise dye and got pools of lovely cobalt, a wonderful surprise. It also still had some white showing which is great. That wool made a nice multicolor yarn to ply with the solid raspberry. I’m very happy with this yarn, although it is a little overspun.

The yarn is maybe a worsted weight. I just don’t know what to do with it yet. It is too lumpy to be good sockyarn. Maybe it will be in a stole one of these days.