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Archive for February 28th, 2004

Pics from Saturday Evening

Saturday, February 28th, 2004

Here I am with late-breaking pictures from Saturday night! I love this photo, although I wish one shy grrl in the back left had peeked out at the camera!

From left, toward back and then front right again, we are: Hyjara, Phaedra, Maya, Sara (hiding), Hafsa (whose somewhat-impromptu wedding shower this was), Stuart, Mahtaab, Ron, Yasmina Amal (our Artistic Director/teacher). Don’t we look happy to have finally found a place to get a meal after 11pm?

A Dancing Saturday

Saturday, February 28th, 2004

Saturday, eight Habibi Dancers went to South Haven to perform in a dance concert. It was the day of “hiccups,” so to speak. First we met where we planned to leave our cars and share rides, but two cars in the lot had been vandalized. We had to find another place to park, which we did.

We got there without much fuss. When we walked in, our music was being played in the main stage area, so we could tell they got our music just fine. However, when we got on stage to perform, the CD skipped forward, backward, and had silent moments. It was a challenge to stay together but we did a good job in spite of it, and smiled through it all.

After the show, the other folks had planned a bit of a bachelorette party for one of the girls, who is getting married in Las Vegas this weekend to her partner of many years. I didn’t know this, because I was not at rehearsal last Wednesday, but I was OK to go along for the ride. Unfortunately, we were all hungry and there was no place to eat dinner after 11pm in South Haven (very much a summer community, a lovely quaint place that is quiet in the winter for the most part). We were told of one place that might be open, but we had bad instructions and got lost trying to find it. We finally found a liquor store that was open and they suggested we get out of South Haven for a 24-hour place.

We got back on the highway, found a Steak and Shake and ate. My problem was that I’d packed food (I can’t eat American food at any restaurant) and I didn’t have it with me. I figured I’d left it in my car in the parking confusion. So I ate a lettuce salad with lemon juice and pepper, and a cup of tea.

On the way from dinner to home, we hit a big accident and traffic was stopped on both sides of the highway. Fortunately we got there at the very end, and we only sat still for maybe 5-10 minutes. We were glad to have good company in the van while waiting. The Habibi group is really a lovely bunch.

We got to our cars at 2:30am. At that time, Sally realized that I had put my dinner in her van and then switched to riding in Kristi’s van. In other words, I *did* have my food with me on the trip and could have had real food when I was eating a salad. I did survive, in any case.

I got to bed at 3am. I work at 10am. It was a short night, but I’m ready for a day in Lansing.

Oh… in knitting news, I did start a pair of toe-up socks in the van and finished about half a foot on size 0 bamboo needles, during the commute to the dance. I’m knitting the yarn I got in Florida. I think I like these needles, even though they are an inch longer than my birch needles.