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Archive for April 2nd, 2004

More Spring… and a Surprise at Aladdin’s

Friday, April 2nd, 2004

It was another glorious spring day. It was in the upper 50’s F and sunny, although the wind was really blowing. I found this garden of crocus blooms at my bank while running a long list of errands. I just stopped dead in my tracks and got out the camera. It was the only right thing to do. I wanted you to see these, too!

I’ve spent much of my day organizing for upcoming classes, the next of which is my Polymer Clay class tomorrow at Heritage Spinning. However, around dinnertime I switched to dance as a focus for several hours. We had a rehearsal (preparing for our annual show which will be on April 17 at Hannah Community Center, anyone want to go?), and then we headed over to Aladdins. Tonight the leader of Habibi Dancers, Yasmina, danced… with Eshta. It was an all-star show any way you want to see it!

I can not tell you how lucky we are in Lansing, to have Yasmina as our troupe leader and teacher. Her background is in ballet and other danceforms, and she is very focused on technique. She is an incredible instructor and choreographer. When we go to other areas of the state and dance with other troupes, we are always welcomed by the other dancers with high respect. It is not that other groups love the dance any less, but we just have a fabulous instructor and she makes us look good!

Eshta used to live in Lansing, and she was in Habibi dancers (she still is technically a Habibi, but hasn’t been rehearsing with us for a few years). Then she moved to Egypt and other locations in the mideast, and danced professionally there for a couple of years. She’s home for a bit, I’m not sure her exact plans but I know her intent is to return there sometime after the Habibi show.

In any case, tonight Yasmina and Eshta put on quite the show at Aladdin’s!!! I didn’t get any good photos of Yasmina (I was so busy watching her dance that I didn’t take many photos of her) but here is a studio shot of her balancing a sword on her head. She can keep it there while doing a lot of moves, as well. I did get a shot of Eshta tonight, in a feathered costume she got in the mideast. Doesn’t she look great?

When I walked in to Aladdins, I got a huge surprise. Susan Eyde, one of my friends I used to dance with, was there. (Before I was a Habibi, we had a small apprentice troupe called Banat Habibi, or sisters of Habibi, and Susan and I danced together in that.) Susan has lived in Tucson, Arizona, for at least three years now, maybe four or more. I have not seen her in at least two years. And there she was at Aladdin’s! Her brother got married Thursday and so she was up here for that, just the right timing to come to the Friday show. I got to sit with her and her sister during the performances. I was so excited to see her after all this time. She looks really happy.

Susan has started doing performances in Arizona, with a magician. They call their act Magic Dance Theatre of Sarlot and Eyde, or Dance of Illusion. She seems to really enjoy doing that. She has always danced, even as a little girl she would dance for hours in the yard. It is so great to see her doing the life of her destiny. I’m happy for her.