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Archive for April 3rd, 2004

Boo Hoo, it’s Snowing!

Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

Yuck. This morning I did not need a coat in Lake Orion at 9am. I didn’t even need it when I left town around 4pm. By the time I hit Flint on the way back (maybe 40 minutes), there were sputters of rain. By the time I got back to Lansing, another hour later, it was raining steadily.

I went into JoAnn at about 6pm. I got out at around 9:40 and there was enough snow that we had to brush it off our cars before driving home. It is slushy but it is building up a little.

I got home and my lone daffodil appeared to be covered in ice, although it was pretty dark to see details. But look at the photo I was able to get with a flash on my little digital camera! My sweet daffodil and my beloved violets, behind the snow line (the house protected the plants for the most part). Proof indeed.

I have noticed that we always get snow at least once in April. It may not build up much, it may not last long, but we get snow. I’m just hoping that today, the third day of the month, might be the last one. I’m crossing my fingers for good luck on that.

Speaking of April 3rd, today marks either 48 or 49 years since my parents were married. My dad died after they were married 18 years, but we of course still remember the date. Happy Anniversary, Mom!