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Archive for April 13th, 2004

Happy, Happy

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004

I am so delighted with life today. I went to my mom’s house on the way to Marlene’s last night. I found one daffodil blooming, and perhaps a half dozen promising to bloom in the next week. These daffodils were planted by my father before he died, over 30 years ago. I just love that they are still coming up. He actually planted hundreds of bulbs. The delicate fancy ones stopped first, but the last two were the large, bold red tulips and the large, bold yellow daffodils. Now even the tulips have given up, but the daffodils are happy as can be. It makes me smile, he would really like knowing this.

I also had a wonderful victory at Marlene’s. I spun a full 4oz of colorful romney/kid mohair roving I had purchased in February at Spinners Flock. It has hot yellow-green, fuschia, blue and aqua. Really pretty stuff. I didn’t know at all how the colors would look spun but I had to try.

It is very pretty. I spun fast and thick (well, really a bit of thick/thin within a range of perhaps sport to DK). I wanted to just have fun and actually show myself I could finish a spinning project.

Four ounces of wool is considered enough for sox, but that assumes thinner yarn than I spun, I think. I’m going to weigh some fat sox I knit from wool/mohair worsted weight yarn and see what they weigh. I originally thought I’d knit toe-up sox from this yarn, as a single ply. However, Marlene showed me some yarn she plied with some really shiny sewing thread (we think it is rayon but there was no label). It looks gorgeous with the shine peeking out, and maybe is a little more strong that way. So maybe I’ll ply, we’ll see.

Here’s the bobbin, full with all 4oz of single ply. Isn’t it beautiful? I am very anxious to see how it looks knit up. It changes every step of the way.