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Archive for April 19th, 2004

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Monday, April 19th, 2004

Catching up a little: Saturday we had a dance workshop with MoMo Kadous, at the Hannah center in East Lansing. Here is a shot of some folks in the process of learning a dance. I really liked his dance, but I don’t remember dances until I’ve repeated a lot. I know some of the girls tried to write it down, so we will hope we can perform this someday.

Saturday night we had our Habibi Dancers’ 20th Annual Dance Concert! It was exciting. Our main feature dance was called “The Resurrection of Osiris” but it did not have any of the juicy parts, if you ever read the myth. The piece was choreographed by our troupe leader, Yasmina Amal. Here is a picture of our lead dancer for that piece, Amirah, with MoMo in his Osiris costume.

Brian took a lot of photos that day, but I haven’t had a chance to ask him where he stored them, so I can share them with you.