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Archive for April 20th, 2004

Our Recording on the Airwaves!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Wow, I’m still reeling with excitement! A week ago I got an email from Uke Jackson, the DJ of a show called the “Flaming Ukulele Radio Hour.” He asked for a CD of our music (The Fabulous Heftones, that is). Of course we got right on it!

We have had a low-recording-quality demo CD for a while (we made it originally as a Christmas present for my mother), but it is not broadcast quality. However, we sent him Brian’s two Heftone Banjo Orchestra albums, some of which feature ukulele. And we had one piece put together for one of the two albums we are putting together as The Fabulous Heftones. So we made a CD-single and sent it along.

I had just heard of his show only a week before he sent the email. It is broadcast out east (New Jersey) on Tuesdays at 3pm local time, but they stream the audio over their website so all online ukulele fans can listen. I was too booked last week to listen but today I did.

And what do you know? He played the theme song, “A Flaming Ukulele in the Sky” and then two songs by the esteemed Jim Beloff who I have mentioned here before. And then he played our version of the song, “Ain’t that a Grand and Glorious Feelin’?”

I was surprised at how emotional I was, hearing myself sing on the radio. It was so exciting! I spent my childhood singing along to records, into the mirror, for hours on end. I told everyone I was going to be a singer when I grew up, like Julie Andrews. OK, so when I was in early elementary school, her movies Mary Poppins and Sound of Music came out, and I loved her voice.

But today I had a little flashback to the years of singing into the mirror. Except today I was singing into a radio show (thank you, Uke Jackson!) and it could be heard all over the world… at least to those who love ukulele enough to listen in.

Then after our song played, Uke said about us, that we are “…a very talented husband and wife duo out there in Michigan.” Awww, flattery will get you everywhere!!!

From the chatter on Jim Beloff’s online ukulele bulletin board, it sounds like the show may be re-broadcast from wnti.org at 11pm Eastern Time (New York City time) on Wednesday/tomorrow. I hope it’s true, because my mom hasn’t heard this song yet and she will want to listen. Let’s hope her computer can do streaming audio properly. We’ve been warned that there is no guarantee the show will be repeated, but the word is to tune in tomorrow in case it works out. Let’s hope that we can create the right energy for it to come true, by acting as if it will happen!

Here is a pretty nice article in the San Francisco Chronicle about ukuleles… and another from USA Today.

Pictures today are more flowers my father planted about 33 years ago, a few years before his death. Thanks, Daddy!!! They sure are pretty.

Oh, and last but not least… My Godson, Michael (I call him my firstborn since I never had children of my own) turns 21 today. That is such a big deal. His mother and I went to first grade together!

I remember when Michael was just home from the hospital after being born. I held him and wondered what he would be like when he grew up. He’s a fine young man, likeable and friendly. He goes to Central Michigan University, where I went when I was his age. I’m proud of that kid!!!