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Archive for April 21st, 2004

Marie’s Stole

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

It was supposed to rain today but it was only nasty out early in the morning. We even had sun a few times, although it is much colder now (lower 50’s F).

The best spring news today is that the fruit trees appear to be blooming all over town. I’m seeing the ornamental crabapple trees all over. To me, this is the essence of spring in Michigan. The trees are so soft and feminine, and it is a totally different sort of beauty than other spots I’ve been in spring. Lovely and delicate, not in your face at all but full of creatiive energy, creating the beginning of a fruit harvest.

Here is a picture of my friend Marie’s ColorJoy stole. She started with my pattern and then lost the paper so had to go by her instincts. I think that her instinct worked great. The stole is for her grandmother, and I think it’s a perfect gift, a sort of hug.

By the way, the cool news tonight is that Marie and three other dancers auditioned to be Habibi Dancers… and they all got in! Four new Habibis. It’s very exciting! These women have been performing as students at our concerts for a few years, and have been doing some local performances at nursing homes to get experience working as a troupe. They also have taken enough classes from our troupe leader, to learn a good handful of dances they can jump in and perform for our upcoming summer performances. I’m very happy for them, and for us, that it all worked out so well.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I’m going to a luncheon at the Clarion Hotel. Two of us from the Freecycle list are accepting an award on behalf of the man who started the list, Aaron. He is getting an award for reducing the amount of solid waste, in a very real way. Cool biz. He has insisted that the award should have been given to the group, that it takes us all to make it work.

However, we would not be there if he had not taken action to make the list exist. It is wildly active these days, and I surely have participated in somewhere between a half-dozen and a dozen transactions myself. My last acquisition was a knitting book. My last contribution, I think, was a pair of inline skates. And of course, I received, on behalf of the citizens of Lansing, the donation to my classroom of something around 15-18 computers (depending on if you count the ones that didn’t work and were for parts).

The extra benefit of going to this award ceremony, is that I get to meet another Freecycler and actually chat for a while. Usually you meet long enough to transfer whatever it is you are giving away/getting, and then folks are back on to their own lives. The woman I’m meeting is named Marie (not my knitting/dancing friend) and she, too, has been on the Freecycle list since the beginning. I think we will have much in common. It promises to be a very pleasant socaial event.

Do something special for earth day, OK? Recycle something, plant a tree, or perhaps donate your extra “stuff” to a thrift shop rather than tossing it out. I may plant some seeds in my big red clay pot, if I feel optimistic about the frost not bothering it too much. (I guess I can cover the pot if it gets cold, right? I’m not much of a gardener, I am more of a voyeur, enjoying the gardens of other folks… but I love flowers so much I bought seeds this year in a burst of optimism. We’ll see if I actually plant them.)