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Archive for May 6th, 2004

Dinner with Eric

Thursday, May 6th, 2004

I had dinner with my brother, Eric, today. We drive to a town between our homes (Brighton), it’s about 45 minutes for both of us. And we find places to sit and talk forever. (Photo is actually from a town named Chelsea, the town where Spinners Flock guild meets… I took it last month. I love neon signs…)

Tonight we sat in the car with the windows down (it has been lovely warm weather today and we enjoyed it) and listened to the new CD. Well, not the whole thing, but the parts I wanted him to hear. It’s so hard to listen to myself sometimes, I am very critical and like a voice coach, picky picky picky. I never know if I am being over-critical or if I really do need to worry about this or that note. Eric loves me iin a way that allows him to tell the truth without hurting me if it’s not great. He liked it. Whew…

What would I do without my brother? He is just the right person for me, so often. I am a lucky woman. Many people don’t have a relationship this rich and accepting.

I get a daily quotation in my email inbox. It’s odd, I didn’t order it but I enjoy it very much. Today I got this quote:

German – im Grunde genommen sind es doch die Verbindungen zu Menschen, welche dem Leben seinen Wert geben

English – after all, it’s your relationships with other people that give value to life

– Wilhelm Von Humboldt

That sort of says it all.