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Archive for May 10th, 2004

Spring Update

Monday, May 10th, 2004

The National Weather Service weather report for Lansing is predicting thunderstorms consistently from today through Thursday night. However, right now we have sunshine. My thermometer in the kitchen says it is 73.6F inside, and 73.6F outside. I can’t think of anything more perfect than that! Well, I like 80F but most people do not, and I surely won’t complain today.

I have a few days where I do not have any business appointments. I’m taking Mom to lunch today and dropping by Yarn for Ewe. If it stays nice out, I’ll plan to spend some time on the porch.

Then I’ll be going to city hall tonight, because they are talking about cutting recycling funds for my city (to save money?) and I believe that is shortsighted. At least three of us from the Freecycle list will be going. I really, really do not like politics or conflict. However, for once I feel strongly enough about something that I will speak my mind in spite of the discomfort. I am not in control of the results, but I can say what I believe and let go of the rest.

This afternoon if I have time, I may plant some flower seeds I bought a few weeks ago in a burst of optimism. I have Nasturtium seeds and Johnny Jump-ups. And some dill seeds, my favorite thing to grow. Last year Marlene Cameron gave me some nasturtium seeds but it was a little too late in the season and they did not get strong enough before the hot weather came. Nasturtiums are so pretty, even the leaves are beautiful. Marlene says the flowers are edible and good in salads, they are sort of peppery. When I was out in Vermont I saw them everywhere. I had not noticed them before. I’m hoping that this year they will do well here.

I’ve never even heard of Johnny Jump Up flowers before I bought the seeds, but they reseed themselves and come up every year, which is my favorite kind of plant. They are purple and yellow, and look like tiny pansies. Lili says she has them in her yard and they are wonderful. She told me to go ahead and plant them, a week ago. I’ve been far too busy this week to go outdoors but maybe I’ll do it today. I hope. If I do, the rain all week will be really good for them.

I slept until 11am (after going to bed at my typical 1:30am). It felt so good to sleep until I just could not stay in bed any longer. It was too much of a week last week, and I can’t stay with that pace no matter how fun it is! I’m going to do my best to really take it slowly today.

Mom Writes

Monday, May 10th, 2004

My mother read what I wrote for her yesterday, and she clarified a little:

… By the way, the other honors I received at the Polk County games were gold in the 50 and 100 meter dashes. I started those races to prove I was still alive after my cancer and never expected to win…

Mind you, I am pretty sure *I* could not dash for 100 meters. I get a stitch in my side when I do aerobic activities. I have tried many times, following advice to help me get through it. I still get a pain no matter how much I watch my sleep, water intake, caffeine intake and breathing patterns. But here goes my mom… running because she can. I’m proud.