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Archive for May 11th, 2004

Article on Ft. Wayne Freecycle

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

There is a very nice article in the Fort Wayne, Indiana paper, about freecycling. What is very cool, is that the people interviewed for the article are the parents of someone in Jackson, Michigan. In fact, the person in Jackson and I had our own freecycle interchange. I got a large enameled pot from her, for dyeing wool.

Elderly Instruments/Stan Werbin Interview

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

Cool biz… the Lansing State Journal did an article on Brian’s boss, Stan Werbin. Stan founded Elderly Instruments with another partner or two in the early 1970’s, and now it does an excellent catalog/web-based music business worldwide.

I remember when they were in a little space in the lower level of a building not far from the MSU campus. It was probably around 1975, and I would buy my guitar strings and capos from them.

Now they are in Old Town, on the north side of Lansing. They are in an old red brick building, built originally as an Odd Fellows Hall. Brian has worked there for a long time, well over a decade anyway, maybe close to two decades by now. Funny how time flies.

Stan Werbin has been important to us as musicians recently… he plays ukulele as does Brian, and he told us about the Midwest Ukefest last October. We almost did not go. Stan kept pushing us and pushing, telling us we just could not miss it. And it really changed a lot for us. It exposed our act to many people we would otherwise not have met (including Uke Jackson of the Flying Ukulele Radio Hour), and we made some friends as well. I’m very grateful.

I think it’s a very nice article. I haven’t asked him yet how they did on quoting him properly, but knowing Stan, it sounds about right.

Go, Stan! I’m glad he’s been acknowledged in this way.