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Archive for May 13th, 2004

Susan’s Fast Florida Footie

Thursday, May 13th, 2004

Fast Florida Footie knit by Susan Aguirre of St. Paul, MNOK, we’re back to knitting content. Big sigh of relief there, I really need knitting to calm me after such a high-intensity few weeks. It seems that I haven’t slowed down much since the Habibi concert in Mid-April. It is time to mellow out a bit.

Susan from St. Paul, Minnesota writes that she enjoyed making a pair of my Fast Florida Footies. Here is a photo of her results. Don’t you love her colors? I particularly like how the colorway worked out in the LynnH No-Purl Heel. That heel stitch just does a great job with variegated yarns.

Susan has a couple of artful websites. One is ZenKnit and the other is Healing Beadwork. You may want to take a look at her work.

I was born in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (Golden Valley… I always felt very lucky to have been born in a town with such a beautiful name). So Susan is a bit of a home grrrl, never mind that I haven’t lived in that state since about 1960.

Just the same, I feel a real connection to folks in Minnesota. We spent every summer there, and I can talk like a real Minnesotan within about 5 minutes of starting a conversation there! I can’t put on the dialect on purpose, but as soon as I am surrounded with it, I go there without realizing it. My family is primarily of Norwegian descent (my Maiden name is Troldahl, you can’t get more Norwegian than that), and the softness of the vowels that comes with that heritage makes music to my ears. When they speak the vowel “O” they nearly sing it. Aaaahhh, home.

My mom is on the way to Minnesota right now, as we speak. Her small hometown, Hanska (about 400 residents), has a very big celebration of Norwegian Indepenence Day (Syttende Mai, or Seventeenth of May) and people bus in from all over the countryside to come to the festivities, particularly a variety/comedy show they do several nights. There are Norwegian dinners, and all sorts of ways to socialize. It’s a very big deal. Mom and Fred just got home to Michigan, so they considered not starting a new trip already… but the draw to home and the festivities was too much for them. (This article says “Hanska is arguably the Norwegian cultural hub of southern Minnesota” and I understand why.)

I am sure they will have a great time. I wish I could go. My friend Susan Hensel just moved to Minneapolis, and I have several cousins and second-cousins I would love to visit. Tony and I are talking about when we could maybe do a trip to visit Sue this year (we miss her already). I’m hoping to make a very big trip late this year or early next year, so funds will be tight in the travel department, but if we stay with friends, maybe we can keep the costs down enough to do it.

Meanwhile, everyone wave at Minnesota!! Hi, to the two artful Susans!!!