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Archive for May 14th, 2004

Recycling Retained!

Friday, May 14th, 2004

(If you don’t like politics, skip to the Spring Report entry, OK?)

Well, I guess it is worth it to stand up and say what you believe. Monday night I went with two other members of the Mid-Michigan Freecycle Network, to Lansing City Hall, to speak in favor of keeping our Recycling programs in Lansing. They were considering several possible program cuts, including cutting the program in half, not picking up yard waste from mid-June to mid-September, and eliminating the Recycling coordinator position (not sure the official title).

I am not at all into politics. I do not *do* conflict. There were a million things I’d rather do than go speak on television to City Council. But I believe that in the USA I have the right to speak my truth. I often have little control over what happens after I speak, but I can at least do that.

Now there is an article in the Lansing State Journal, saying that they are not going to make cuts in the programs. They will be raising the fees to homeowners in order to do this, but it is a small amount when compared to the cost of a city which does not look good for lack of services… or a full landfill before its time.

Whew. I don’t wanna do that again, it was very stressful. The sock I was knitting the night I was at city hall, got knit so tightly that I had to rip out everything I did while I was there (it still made me feel better to knit rather than sit still while I waited my turn). My nerves made me knit vastly tighter than usual. But I said my piece, and in this case I am seeing the results of folks like me, speaking up for what we believe is good for our lovely city.

Spring Report

Friday, May 14th, 2004

It is warm and damp and very springlike. I did get out in the yard this morning before the rain started, and I did some more weeding. For someone who doesn’t like dirt on her hands, I sure am giving in to the needs of my yard.

Wowie, just as I am typing this, the weather went from a bare sprinkle of rain to a wild downpour with strong winds. I can’t even see the trees across the street clearly. I’m glad I did my gardening earlier today. I did plant some seeds Monday and I am hoping that this damp week will be really good for them.

It is sort of strange, it was almost 80 degrees, and even with the downpour it’s over 76. Normally it will cool off much more than that with this sort of rain, but it’s not over yet (although the wind has already calmed down and the rain is coming straight down now). I sort of wanted to bake some brownies or a cake or maybe rhubarb crisp today, and the kitchen was a bit warm for that, so maybe the rain will be a gift inside as well as out. I’m glad I don’t have to go out today if I do not choose. What a luxury days like this are. I’m trying to do my computer catching up and then the plan is to go down into the dyeing studio for the rest of the evening.

But I’m telling you, the computer work is enough to make a strong person weep. I am getting so much spam, both email and on this blog, that it takes a lot of time to clear it all out. I threw away over 2000 messages yesterday in my email, and last night I had to delete about 8 advertising comments (usually prescription drug sales) on the blog… and right now I have 5 more to delete in about half a day. And I’m up to almost 1200 email spams already and the day is not half over yet.

If you write to me and I don’t write back right away, please feel free to write to me again. I’ve got a good reputation for returning emails quickly (I’m not very good with phone messages, unfortunately), but right now I’m on overload… and sometimes I accidentally delete a good message thinking it looks a lot like spam.

Be sure to write a subject line that has at least two words in it. So many junk messages have no subject, or a random single word, that a message with a short or missing subject is sure to just get deleted without a second thought. If you were deleting around 100 messages an hour, you would delete some good ones, too. Sad, very sad. (Yes, I have some spam filtering in place, but because I receive all mail to purpletree.com, LynnH.com, and ColorJoy.com… even when the address is not a valid address, I’m getting drowned in messages to people who don’t exist.)

But enough of my troubles… look at the flowers in my yard! We have a pretty wild outdoor environment, as we don’t love spending most of our summer in the garden, and we choose to do without chemicals in the yard. Therefore, we plant as many perennials as we can, which will come up every year. The lilies of the valley, Brian planted a few years ago when we noticed that the neighbor across the street had an amazing abundance of them thriving on the north side of their house. Our house had almost nothing on the north side. They look more healthy this year than ever, and I’m delighted.

The other white flowers came with the house, they are in several places around the yard. I am not sure what they are, some sort of bulb (I’m sure I should dig them up and separate them, because in most places we have leaves but no flowers). Sometimes they are the first thing to bloom after the violets, but this year they waited a bit. Their leaves are tiny and thin, very dark green, and almost like grass. You see them here in a small batch of miscellaneous plants, including the one small patch of “Snow on the Mountain” that actually grows happily in our yard (I seem to be the only person on the earth who can put this plant in the soil and have it not thrive), and a bunch of what are probably very healthy weeds.

The last picture is our breakfast the other day. We are enjoying springlike foods, including Michigan asparagus the other night and this luscious plate full of fruit. It was just toaster waffles from the health food store, with California strawberries. I miss going to the Sugar Bowl restaurant (on Cedar Street south of Holmes, on the east side of the street near the Total station) and getting strawberry pancakes. I just can’t go there anymore… the pancakes have all sorts of ingredients I can’t eat any more. Absolutely delicious ingredients that most other folks can eat happily… just not me.

But that restaurant is the real thing, a family-owned diner… one guy (I think he’s the owner, by the way customers address him) in the kitchen cooking and a couple of career waitresses holding down the front end. Plenty of food, and almost always a few truck drivers or postal delivery folks there. The only downside is that it’s so tiny the nonsmoking section is two tables on the edge of the room, but plenty smoky.

My favorite memory of Sugar Bowl: there was one waitress there who would always put the whipped cream on my plate, in the shape of a smiley face. Gotta love that!!!

Happy springtime.