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Archive for May 16th, 2004

A Nap in the Hammock

Sunday, May 16th, 2004

I had a lot of work this weekend. First I had a class at Foster on Saturday morning to early afternoon. Then I worked till close at JoAnn. Sunday I opened at JoAnn, which means I was bone tired going in.

Well, it was a gorgeous day in Lansing. On a gorgeous weekend day in this town, people go home and work in their yards. I sometimes say we are sort of a farming city, each yard is like a mini-farm and we go home and tend our tiny crops. I do it myself, and I mean it in the best way… I do notice that this is part of the personality of my city. I really adore the amazing gardens I get to see because of this tendency.

In Ann Arbor, you see a totally different dynamic. On a gorgeous day in Ann Arbor, if you go into the city you will see a lot of people milling about, and not just a block or two on one street. They have a meal, they have a cup of coffee at a sidewalk table. The young people dress up and walk around, looking at how other young people have dressed up. (This phenomenon happens in my town, but other than a few blocks in East Lansing you will see it more often at a mall than in an urban area.) I find Ann Arbor to be totally alive on a beautiful day, in a way that reminds me of Chicago or Toronto. In Lansing, you can drive through the neighborhoods and watch people tending to the magic of growing things. Also very alive, but very private rather than public or social.

Why do I write this? Because I was working at JoAnn today and it was slower than expected, no doubt because many folks were enjoying their yardwork. So I was asked if I wanted to go home early. I did not complain. It was 70 degrees F and sunny. I put up my hammock on the front porch, turned on a little music, and wrapped up in a thin blanket and took a nap for a full hour. I was so tired!!!

You know, hammocks are designed to have the ultimate cooling possible. I got sort of cold even with a cotton sweater and my blanket. The cold actually was what woke me. But at that point, I needed to go meet my friends at Emil’s Restaurant on the East Side, and knit.

It was four of us today at Emils. There were two women I know from JoAnn, and one of them brought her very fine and interesting daughter who is about 10 years old. I made sure to sit next to the child, I really enjoy her company (she sometimes comes to my knitting at Foster Center so we have a relationship beyond my friendship with her mother).

This child is pretty special, one of those young and wise people that are rare and wonderful. Saturday when I was teaching my retirees how to type letters using a word processor, she came into my classroom briefly (the door was open) and brought me a four-leaf clover. I have pressed it between pieces of paper so I can keep it a while. I was honored with her gift.

At Emil’s, we sat and talked, and ate great Italian food. One woman crocheted, two of us knit, and the little girl made red tassels for her mother, who is making a dance costume for Renaissance Festival which will look great with a few tassels. It was the best of ways to finish up my work week (Monday and Tuesday are typically my weekend). I do have a house call Monday morning (one of my retiree computer students wants me to set her up to connect to the internet). After that I am full-time finishing these swap sox for my partner, which are due on Tuesday night.

I’m ready to start the heels right now, so I’m in good shape to finish on time. My big concern is whether I’ll have enough yarn to finish. I know I have another half-skein of the cashmerino from making Mom’s hand warmers at Christmas. However, I did not find it the first time looking through my stash (which, although not particularly large, is quite disorganized right now). I would like to look during daylight hours when the light is better. Meanwhile, I will have to plan to finish without the extra yarn just in case. I guess I’m doing the heels and toes in 100% the contrast/multicolored yarn, which is not what I had planned originally. No big deal, they will look just great this way.

I didn’t do any yardwork at all today. OK, I pulled a few more seedling trees from the lawn but that was the extent of it all. I wonder… I planted some nasturtium seeds last Monday and they are supposed to take 7-8 days to germinate. Maybe I’ll see some little leaves pushing through the soil as early as tomorrow. That would be very exciting!

Photographs are gardens near my home in Lansing, from last summer.