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Archive for May 22nd, 2004

Joy is Mine!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

Well, my car Joy is paid off, as of Friday. OK, that’s not exactly an artful life statement, but it may just be a creative one. I was self-employed the whole time I had the car payments. Feels like a big deal to me.

I still feel that this is my ideal car. I like it better than the Jaguar I rode in once, better than my uncle’s big Cadillac. I don’t want a fast car, I want a comfy one that is small (and cute) and has a standard shift and cruise control. Once we rented a larger car for a long road trip, and I was miserably uncomfortable the whole week. This car fits me like a glove, both physically and artfully.

I love this car. What I like best about it, which was a surprise to me, is the automatic door locks. I love saving two seconds getting into the car on a snowy or rainy day! I also love that it is very quiet on the road (I love driving on the highway), and it has a nice stereo to go with that.

How can I be so lucky? After all, I’m not working a “regular” job. But somehow I get this lovely thing. I have made some choices, some compromises, done without some things others consider essential. I did have to work for it, but this was the only car payment I ever had, that I did not grumble about each month. It was worth it.

My last car, Martha G., lasted 14 years and 250,000 miles. I hope Joy does as well. Martha was the first car I ever decorated with stars, which I did after having a dream I had done it. I painted Martha’s stars, eleven years after I got her.

I did not delay putting stars on Joy, she got them her first week with me. I wish I could paint Joy purple, but that idea will wait for a while, maybe indefinitely. That is not a simple thing to pull off. I’m considering more stars, though.

Now Joy is even more living up to her name. It was a good day.

(Don’t forget to come to the East Lansing Art Fair, and get food from Altu, and listen to Wally and Brian play music. OK?)