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Archive for May 23rd, 2004

East Lansing Art Fair

Sunday, May 23rd, 2004

I had fun Saturday. By pure luck, I did not have to work at either Foster Center or JoAnn Fabric. I had a whole Saturday off. I thought maybe I’d go take pictures of my Goddaughter, Sara, on her way to prom. However, the kids decided to do photos somewhere other than Sara’s home, so that made even my evening free.

I took my time getting to East Lansing, and got there about 12:15. I wandered over to where Joel Mabus and Ray Kamalay were playing on the main stage. I ran into all sorts of folks I knew. After all, when you are talking the arts community, this is a pretty small town. It was lovely. I even ran into my mom and Fred!

Wally and Brian played at 12:45 at a stage about two blocks away, so I wandered over there, sort of peeking into the booths. I found one very good polymer clay artist (she combines polymer with Precious Metal Clay, basically a method of forming Sterling Silver… very nice). Her name was Pat Bolgar of Accessory Art (her web page doesn’t seem to be working). We had never met before, and we had a nice short chat. She is from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Then I went to see Wally and Brian perform (that’s Wally with the guitar, Brian on the right), which was quite fun. I ran across to the MSU fair (more crafts than art… I was after a certain tie dye booth), bought two dance tops and used the restrooms at the MSU Union. Ran into another friend (I told you this was a small town) and then went to help Altu with her food booth.

The truth is, she didn’t really need me. She had four sisters and a friend already handling things well. Sometimes I was able to run for water and occasionally I told people how wonderful the food was. Otherwise I was sort of there for moral support. A sister wannabe. They said to others that I was a sister of theirs, and I really appreciated the love behind that. I really think they are fine people (and beautiful to look at as well, what pretty women they are).

I did also take a little time out to wander over to Nancy McRay’s store, Woven Art and say hi. I always am open to an impulse purchase but she doesn’t have any washable sockyarn (although she has gorgeous yarn for stoles, if I didn’t already have more than my share) so I just said hello. I did run into Daphne/Serial Knitter in the store, so that was worth something for sure.

Then maybe about an hour before the show was supposed to close, the heavens opened and a flood of water came down from up above. At first it was sort of cute, there was a young couple who stood out in the rain together and got soaking wet, then they were splashing with their feet for a while… then they came under the food tent with the rest of us. It was even too much for the adventurous after a while.

That was the end of selling any food for the day, so we cleaned up and went home. Well, Altu and her sisters and her husband went home. I walked a few blocks and saw some amazing drumming, chanting/singing and dancing by a Brazilian-style troupe (Danca Folclorica Brasileira) at the corner of MAC and Albert. They were just wonderful. They apparently are trying to get a group together in East Lansing. If I were not already over-promised, I would be quite tempted. I love drums, singing *and* dancing. You can see that the style of dance is a play-acting of a fight. Someone with the group explained to me that the African slaves when they first were brought to Brazil, started this style. They were not permitted to actually fight so they developed this sort of stylized un-fight as a danceform. I loved watching them.

About when that was finished (the streets were starting to dry out, thanks to the warm temperature and a small breeze), a former computer student found me and we just sat down on the curb and talked for over an hour. It was wonderful to have the leisure to do that! So often we are hurrying somewhere and we don’t take time to connect with interesting people we care about. I thoroughly enjoyed stopping everything to talk with her. We hope to connect again soon.

So… other than getting thoroughly inundated with storms, we had a lovely Saturday. This fair almost always has rain, but this one was more than usual. At least it was not cold rain. We’ll count our blessings.

Oh… in unrelated news, Sunday is Sarah/Handknitter‘s birthday. Do take a minute to go and wish her a good week!