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Archive for May 24th, 2004

Cold Spring, Preparing for Local Radio

Monday, May 24th, 2004

Ugh. It never got up to 60 degrees F today and it is dinnertime. I’m wearing fat wool socks and my feet are still not quite warm. The heat kicked back on in the house. I was hoping to open the front door and get some fresh air, but that will not happen today!

(I just looked outside. It is cloudy and 57 degrees F, and my neighbor is outside in a t-shirt and shorts, with one of those electric leaf-blower appliances. Blowing I don’t know what. I’m sitting here with a full-length wool robe and wool sox. Each to his own, I guess. But just looking at that guy makes me shiver!)

I slept in today, what a luxury that was. Then I chatted with a couple of friends online, both of them in europe. Then I had a leisurely lunch and a long bath. And many cups of tea, throughout the day. Aaah, this is the life. OK, I still need to pay some bills today but I put that off until the relaxing had sunk in well. Makes sense to me! After all, I worked on Sunday so today is my weekend.

I’m doing miscellaneous work things (emails for marketing our music, burning more CDs, working on knitted samples for yarn shops where I will teach) and looking forward to tonight. A few friends are gathering with spinning wheels and wool or alpaca or some sort of fiber. I am not sure what I’m going to spin tonight. I still have some small baggies (half an ounce each) of fiber from a handpainted fiber swap I was in last year. Maybe I’ll take those. Or maybe I’ll dig in there somewhere, I have one box of spinning fiber (as compared to maybe six boxes of yarn) that has a few goodies I haven’t looked at in a long while. Maybe I’ll look once more and see if any of those choices will inspire me. I know I have a nice bag of mohair, I think 4 oz. That might make a good second ply for sockyarn, perhaps. Not sure what I’ll do….

But that is how I will spend my time after dinner. Then come home and do the nightly rehearsal with Brian. We have so many songs to learn! When you record something, you can record it with music and lyrics in front of you. You can’t perform it that way, so there is much learning after the fact.

We are preparing for Wednesday night, when we will be on the local radio. At MSU’s student radio station, WDBM/88.9 FM, there is a radio show on Wednesday nights from 7-8pm, sponsored by the local free newspaper, the City Pulse. We have been asked to be on the show this week. Therefore, we are looking at all our many songs and trying to pick out four pieces that we will do on the air. It is pretty exciting! We were on the show once last summer and it was quite fun. I’m looking forward to it again.

Hope everyone is warm enough today. I heard it is really cold in South Africa right now. It is good for me to remember the blessings I have right now… warmth being at the top of the list! Take care.